When Will People Realize The Warriors Are Kinda Douchey (Part 5)

Ok… you guys know the fucking drill by now. The Golden State Warriors are douchey as fuck. Le’doit:


Charts, Bruh: OKC Thunder Likelihood Of Victory

Peep this chart, bruh:   The OKC Thunder now have the strongest likelihood of advancing to the NBA Finals and ultimately win the world championship among all the remaining NBA organizations (according to fivethirtyeight). ICYMI: the Thunder continued to shock the NBA world last night with a collosollay important Game 1 victory against The Warriors…

Charts, Bruh: OKC Thunder Shit The Bed

ICYMI: The OKC Thunder blew a 26-point 4th quarter lead tonight against the LA Clippers. Not only is that type of collapse embarrassing for any team to swallow, but this game can have a significant impact on the Western Conference seedings.  Right now, OKC and LA are battling it out for the 3-seed (behind Golden State and San…