Charts, Bruh: Americans Feel Financially Naked

In just a mere two years, the number of Americans that feel financially secure enough to say “I always have money to spend on basic necessities” dropped by an astonishing 17% between 2013 and 2015


Charts, Bruh: Urban Unemployment Rate

Peep this chart, bruh:   This chart is pretty fascinating. While it may not be a perfect statistic, urban unemployment rates can be solid indicators of the economic well-being of America’s lower-class/poverty-stricken citizens. Obviously urban areas tend to have a diverse demographic pool, but urban areas have historically been the home of a majority of…

Charts, Bruh: Unemployment and Recessions

Peep this chart, bruh: The chart below showing the official unemployment rates in the United States since 1948 is an fun one. The graph shows that America’s current unemployment rate (~5%) is pretty solid right now relative to the past 60 years (regardless of how bullshit the unemployment stat itself is…more on that later). You’d think this…