Charts, Bruh: Credit Card Debt and Recessions

Each of these two sexy-ass charts hold some major key information that could used to forecast where the economy is heading right now.


Charts, Bruh: CLO Issuances Are Down

In case you’ve missed the past 8 years of 2008 Financial Crisis coverage, one of the causes (or symptoms?) of the financial crisis were Collateralized Loan Obligations (CLO’s). CLOs are a financial instruments (like a stock or bond) that PACKAGE MULTIPLE LOANS TOGETHER and can be traded on an open market. In 2008, as more and more…

Charts, Bruh: Unemployment and Recessions

Peep this chart, bruh: The chart below showing the official unemployment rates in the United States since 1948 is an fun one. The graph shows that America’s current unemployment rate (~5%) is pretty solid right now relative to the past 60 years (regardless of how bullshit the unemployment stat itself is…more on that later). You’d think this…