Charts, Bruh: President Obama’s Racial Division?

While the POTUS is clearly not 100% responsible, this chart is revelatory in terms of exposing a growing phenomenon.


“To-To-Today Junior”

As I’m sure you’ve noticed (and if you haven’t, you will soon enough), Barack Obama is once again thrusting himself into the national spotlight. As a lame duck POTUS with only half a year remaining on the job, Obama is aiming to pontificate his views and opinions in order to steer the direction of national poli-eco-socio conversations.

Short-Term Health Plans Are Surging. I Wonder Why?

The sales of short-term health policies are surging in the United States right now. This phenomenon can be directly attributed to the rising costs of health insurance under Obamacare. This development not only undermines the objectives of the poorly thought-out (even more poorly implemented) legislation, it also poses a risk to the American healthcare system going forward.

The More You Know: Obamacare Penalties Double

Tax company H&R Block has indicated that the millions of people who went without enrolling in the Affordable Care Act last year are experiencing fines more than DOUBLE in size compared to what they saw last year. As PBS mentions in the link above, the fines are directly due to the Affordable Care Act that Obama and Congress recklessly…