Charts, Bruh: Companies That Be Cheesin’

Peep this chart, bruh: 


Cheese by Restaurant.png


Listen man… I’m here for the cheese. I’m one to appreciate the nuances and understated godliness of cheese.

But good god people: CHEESE ON YOU’RE DOUGHNUTS?! Have you not a shred of culinary ethical conscience in your body!? Do your taste buds completely lack a moral compass!?

(mini rant over)

In a shocking turn of events, it turns out Dunkin’ Donuts uses a type of “cheese” to describe more menu items than any other fast food restaurant (via Bloomberg). Not only that, but Dunks apparently features cheese on 38% of its products!

Aiight… I get that almost all breakfast sandwiches should feature cheese, but I was under the impression that egg sandwiches were a minuscule portion of Dunks’ offerings…. not 38%. Get it together people.

Final thoughts: Bloomberg feels the need to mention that this chart doesn’t include any beverage items that feature cheese…… Is that necessary? Or have we really come to the point where the children are adding sharp cheddar to their Cherry Coke’s and pepperjack cheese to their milkshakes?




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