Death Of Real Journalism #3

“Death Of Real Journalism” will most definitely be a repeat post on No Filter Network. Real journalistic institutions, which have the responsibility of providing real citizens with real information, have slowly abandoned their traditional code and mutated into biased / pseudo bloggy / thinkpiecey / clickbait-whoring entities.




Case in point: Peep these 2 ridiculously fear-mongering / exaggerative headlines/comments surrounding 2 major political current events going down:




image (28).png


These two screenshots are extra timely, considering more media outlets have discussed the similarities between a vote for Trump and a vote to “Exit” the United Kingdom than media outlets haven’t. 

Last time I checked, the media existed to provide un-biased information in order to educate consumers, not provide sensationalist headlines meant to sway the mindset and decision-making of consumers. This type of overly hyperbolic hysteria not only provides false representations of current political events at hand, but gives room for less credible and less fact-based news in the future.

Sidenote: You can read about how the United Kingdom is kinda-sorta fine right now following the initial shock of the Brexit vote here, here, and here.

Considering everyone and their mother ended up having a quick hot-take about the Brexit vote, I think it’s easy to conclude that these random/passionate opinions regarding a foreign nation’s public referendum were likely driven by absurd media sensationalism.



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