Charts, Bruh: The E-Commerce Effect

No Filter Network’s previously discussed the exponential growth of e-commerce since the turn of the century right hurrr

Basically, online-shopping’s share of the entire retail economy has grown at unprecedented and unexpected rates since 1999. Once the WW2 baby’s and Baby Boomers officially die off, the digital marketplace will likely end up owning a majority of the retail economy.

We’ve also discussed the growth of Amazon over the past decade and how Wal-Mart has struggled to play catch-up right hurrr.

Basically, Amazon is a fucking digital behemoth that will eventually own everything. Wal-Mart was late to the online-shopping game and has suffered mightily for it.




In light of that fun little preface, peep this chart, bruh: 




Ok… so the data in this bad boy confirms the development in the retail industry that we discussed above. The sales rates of non-store retailers (online-shopping) have remained higher than that of physical department stores for almost all of the 21st century. Not only that, but the sales of digital retailers have increased more than that of relative to physical retailers since the turn of the century.

But you’re not a fucking dummy… you can read the chart.

So instead, NFN’s finna provide our 2 fun/interesting takeaways from the graphic:

#1) While the sales of department stores has remained relatively stable over the last 16 years, the sales of  non-store retailers has fluctuated significantly. During times of economic growth, e-commerce absolutely fucking crushes it. But during economic downturns (i.e. dot-com crash and Great Recession), e-commerce has struggled BIG TIME relative the physical players.  

#2) While the delta in department stores and non-store retailers has remained kinda sorta correlated throughout the 21st century, there seems to be an itty-bitty divergence from that trend around 2015. Could that be a sign of an upcoming growth in e-commerce that is even more exponential than the one we witnessed over the last 16 years?


Holla Atcha Boy





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