Trump’s Slight “Advantages” Over Clinton Heading Into Tonight’s Debate

Okay… let’s dive into some quick deets surrounding the 2016 Presidential Election that ultimately favor Donald Trump heading into tonight’s first debate of the season. If you want a quickie-recap of what’s gone down during the general election over the past 2 months, peep our ish right hurr.

Before we highlight some of DonDon’s intrinsic advantages heading into the debate tonight, some of which he stumbled into by luck, let it be known that his performance can absolutely dismantle both his “advantages” and entire campaign. Trump is the OG Jabroni, and you can never underestimate a pure-blood jabroni. Don’t be surprised if we see a straight up choke-job from DJ Trump.





#1) Expectations and Standards: 

Trump is erratic. Trump is unpredictable. Trump is known to say ridiculous shit.

But here’s the thing: the people who participated in the most recent national/state polls are aware of these things. Which means Trump’s rhetorical and behavioral volatility is technically cooked into Trump’s recent comeback of sorts in the polls. Which means DonDon is at an intrinsic advantage simply based on expectations.

While Hillary is capable of her own gaffes, blatant lies, and poor performances, Clinton operates, acts, and speaks in the same sort of manner at all times. As an experienced politician (which is not a compliment, FWIW), Clinton knows how to “stay in her lane” The Hilldabeast is relatively level-headed in campaign settings. She’s also been coached to stick to her talking points and not allow Trump to change the topic of conversation. Pretty much, only an on-stage Parkinson’s-induced seizure from Hillary will keep her from doing anything even close to as over-the-top as Trump does.  With this in mind, voters will likely psychologically forgive the severity of DJ Trump’s gaffes relative to their reaction to Clinton’s performance.




#2) News Cycle

As we discussed, Trump had a disastrous summer on the campaign trail. Homie managed to stir up a Star of David controversy, repeatedly express his admiration for Vlad Putin, insult Gold Star Families, and still insult Mexican-Americans, all within a 60-day span. HOW-EVAH, most of that shit is relative ancient history when juxtaposed to the recent developments on the Clinton Campaign. From sudden fainting episodes, to comments about deplorables, to further revelations regarding FBI investigations, Hillary has had a few terrible fucking weeks. Right now, more spotlight/questions/scrutiny are on Hillary compared to Trump for the first time in months.

Once again though, Hillary could very well eviscerate Trump, and in the process, erase her recent bad press from the memories of voters. 


#3) The Media

Despite the fact that Matt Lauer took one on the chin following his moderation of NBC’s Presidential Town Hall, Lester Holt should be wary of getting too involved. The debate should exist between the candidates, with minimal participation/interruption from the moderator. Though he will likely challenge each candidate more than Lauer, don’t be surprised if Holt stays on the sidelines a bit and lets the candidates deck it out. The public’s current distrust and scrutiny of the media is already at sky-high levels… Holt is aware of this and likely doesn’t want to be panned as a shill/sell-out, more than he doesn’t want to be panned for stepping back.








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