The Outcome Everyone Should Be Rooting For During The Debate

As No Filter Network has discussed, the 2016 Presidential Election features the 2 most disliked candidates in modern historyDonDon is an buffoon/blowhard/conman. The Hilldabeast is a pathological liar/corrupt oligarch/power-hungry war-hawk. Unfortunately, we’re stuck with these two POSs due to an outdated and duopolistic two-party system.

This is basically who America is stuck voting for in the 2016 Presidential Election:


simpsons candidates.jpg


This is basically a perfect representation of the decision Americans are faced with during the 2016 Presidential Election:




As a result, I will be rooting for a meteor to come crashing down from the sky and strike the debate stage, blowing both Trump and Clinton into smithereens (only them though, no one else). Oh yeah, I guess some of the mainstream media can be taken out as well. 



We Out Here




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