Reason #5 That Americans Are Not Curing Cancer

“Reasons That Americans Are Not Curing Cancer” will continually highlight America’s unreal and unprecedented ability to create extremely creative and entertaining “things” that ultimately add absolutely zero fucking value to society other than maybe a 1.5-second chuckle. If America found a way to harness its citizens’ enthusiastic creative energy into truly productive/important causes, rather than spend hours doing dumb shit on Twitter (guilty… btw), we’d have cured cancer by now. So wake up, America. Let’s stop wasting time on idiotic (albeit hilarious as hell) activities that might provide us 15-seconds of fame or +50 retweets on Twitter.

Actually on second thought, dudes that be spending absurd amounts of time on photoshop everyday probably shouldn’t be the ones curing cancer anyway.  So just keep at it, and keep making us laugh.

Here’s #5: 

Background: During Week 2 of the 2016 NFL Season, the New York Giants lost a heartbreaker to division rival Washington Redskins. In the process, Odell Beckham Jr. managed to get totally psyched-the-fuck-out while facing Josh Norman for the second time in a row. After having a super slow first half (2 catches for 44 yards), Odell got frustrated as hell and even ended up tearing up on the sideline at one point.

During his emotional roller-coaster of a display, Odell tried to kick over a kicker’s net. The net promptly let Beckham know that it’s not about that life.


*Shouts to the dude narrating the video with those sound effects*


With this background info in mind, here’s what Bleacher Report gifted the Twitterati with earlier this week:



Can’t beat this kind of nostalgic pop-culture reference mixed with some impressive photoshop/video-editing skills. 







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