Trump’s Unexpected and WTF “Comeback”

The last 6-weeks of the 2016 Presidential Election has featured a completely unexpected and totally WTF comeback from Donald Trump’s campaign.

To recap: DonDon had arguably one of the worst summers of any presidential candidate in recent memory. Trump copped a small  lead following the Republican Convention, though it quickly dissipated following the DNC’s Clinton Coronation. Since Hillary Clinton regained her lead in early August, Trump repeatedly put his foot in his mouth while simultaneously having his head up his ass (who woulda thought DonDon was so flexible?). Between the sequel to “From Russia With Love” starring Paul Manafort, and Trump saying incorrigible thing after incorrigible thing, it looked like Hillary’s presidency was signed, sealed, and soon to be delivered.




But as more damning evidence from the FBI’s criminal investigation into The Hilldabeast’s handling of classified information as Secretary of State trickled in, and more implications of corruption from another DNC/Clinton Foundation leaked, mixed with a fainting episode and a comment about deplorables, Hillary’s near-insurmountable lead started to become totes surmountable. And somehow, as of today, according to Nate Silver, Clinton and DJ  Trump are now in a theoretical tie.

Ironically, Trump’s comeback actually started to emerge when he fired Manafort and brought in Kellyanne Conway, Steve Bannon, and the Breitbart-ers into the fold to manage his campaign. The move was widely mocked and viewed as a metaphorical white flag from Trump and his campaign. Hell, it was thought that his was a clear sign that all Trump cared about was creating a new media empire. Who the fuck would have thought that Conway and Bannon would’ve orchestrated this kind of comeback? Then again, the Trump Campaign was thrown a couple YUGE bones via Hillary Clinton gaffes.

But as always… don’t call it a come-back yet. 

Don’t count out Hillary Clinton. She’s got a political operation that makes Trump’s Campaign look like my high school student government campaign (I ran unopposed).

As media entities have reported, Clinton has been very serious about her preparation for the debate. If The Hilldabeast can actually deliver the goods, she should be able to mop the floor with the most unlikeable general election candidate in modern history. If Clinton can put Trump in a bind by flaunting some foreign policy knowledge (and the like), while simultaneously making DonDon look foolish/naive, we can see a 5-point swing in the polls later this week.

Trump was able to outmaneuver an entire NBA roster’s worth of candidates in the Republican Primaries. However, both the stakes and scrutiny will be significantly higher for Trump tonight than it was 6 months ago. Trump can totally shit the bed tonight. Then again, pigs fly too…

Final thought: this Trump “comeback” of sorts would never have happened if he wasn’t running against the second most unlikeable general election candidate in modern presidential election history. 





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