Time To Take Off The Aaron Rodgers Blinders

He may be one of the studliest celebrities in America.


Aaron Rodgers hot.JPG


He may throw the nicest deep ball of the NFL has seen in the 21st century.




He may be cooler than the other side of the pillow.


He may have one of the hottest chicks in the game wearin’ his chain.

Screen shot 2016-09-24 at 2.47.22 PM.png


And he may be the most versatile quarterback in the game outside of the reigning MVP, one Cameron Jerrell Newton.

While all of this is true, here’s the thing: Aaron Rodgers is not exactly “clutch”.

Not only is he not “clutch”, RODDGAHS struggles mightily when his team is down, especially when compared relative to his performance metrics when Green Bay is leading.

Peep these stats:

Aaron Rodgers is 7-27 when entering the 4th quarter of a game and trailing by 8 points or less. He is 70-9 when entering the 4th quarter with a lead.

Aaron Rodgers is 1-4 in the playoffs when entering the 4th quarter of a game and trailing by 8 points or less. He is 0-4 in the playoffs when trailing by more than 5 points at any time. 

Aaron Rodgers was 0-26 when trailing by 9 or more points in the second half (as of 11/2015). 

As you can see, there’s ample evidence to suggest that Rodgers shouldn’t necessarily be glorified as some GOAT quarterback. It’s important that football fans don’t solely view Rodgers through the lens of a near-perfect football specimen. A-Rodg is an excellent QB that gives football junkies eye-gasms. That said, he’s not immortal and has a tendency to underperform at times when facing adversity.

On the bright side, Rodgers’ 70-9 record when heading into the 4th quarter with a lead exemplifies the fact that he knows how to close the deal. Then again, based on his ability to lock up Olivia Munn, we already knew that. 

On the not-so-good side, Aaron Rodgers hasn’t thrown for 300 yards in 11 games


PS: You like that little teaser of a subject I just provided y’all with?

“We can’t allow our preconceived notions to dictate our perception of the current reality…”

Yeah, I know…. Straight Fire.






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