Hillary’s Latest Campaign Ad Is Extremely Effective

Here’s one of the Clinton Campaign’s newest television campaign advertisements that has been making the rounds in NY as of late:


This quick 30-second spot is super effective for one key reason. No, it’s not that former 2012 GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney is seen denouncing Trump. No, it’s not the plethora of Republican figures shitting on Trump and what he represents.

This TV ad does the trick for one simple reason: Hillary Clinton is not in it.

Hillary Clinton currently can’t get out of her own way. While¬†facing the most disliked presidential candidate in modern history, and one of the most inept and inexperienced presidential campaigns in modern history, The Hilldabeast has managed to fuck everything up.

To be fair, WikiLeaks straight up exposing the DNC and the Clinton Campaign’s blatant corruption is tough to deal with. But Hillary’s squadron operates with such secrecy and opaqueness that it’s simply impossible not question her trustworthiness. Hell, here’s fucking David Axelrod, an Obama goonie and Clinton sympathizer, shitting on the Clinton Campaign’s practices.

David Axelrod on Hillary Clinton.png

And what do ya know? Hillary’s week of secrecy and newly leaked information¬†has apparently done some damage. Get a load of this shit:


Hey Clinton Campaign, maybe just keep saying that Hillary is sick and keep her out of the spotlight for the next month… Lord knows you did a good enough job of that during the primary season. At this rate, it’s going to come down to who fucks up the most, DonDon or The Hilldabeast.



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