Charts, Bruh: Gone in 60 Seconds

Peep this chart, bruh: 


60 Seconds Apps.jpg


This is a great breakdown of what actually goes down in terms of tech consumption, in a matter of seconds. When viewing the insane volume of activity that each of these tech companies experience on a minute by minute basis, it’s no fucking wonder why the valuation of tech firms have hit insane levels. 

Also: the 16 internet/tech/app “activities” depicted in the chart above features the 10 most downloaded apps globally as of May 2016. 




Here are our biggest takeaways from what goes down in a single minute of tech-consumption:

#1) Maybe it’s just a vast overestimation on my part, but I’m actually surprised that there aren’t more than 2.4 Million Google searches per minute (even though that’s an absurd fucking rate). At least the children are out here trying to learn…. or look at porn. 

#2) With nearly 1.0 Million Tinder swipes per minute, it looks like THESE YUTES be getting down, and getting busy, on the reg. This is what we like to see, especially when faced with alarming stats indicating that today’s youth is having less sexual partners than its preceding generation for the first time ever.



#3) I’m surprised Vine has over 1.0 Million loops per minute. While people obviously need Vine to create dope sports clips and absurd videos, I was under the impression that Vine was slowly disappearing from mainstream tech-consumption.

#4) The founders of SnapChat were smart/lucky as fuck for not selling their new company when offered $3BN from Facebook a few years back. This puppy is only going to continue to grow, in both valuation and scope, for years.


And you know it boy.





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