A Case of New York Times Propoganda

The New York Times published a piece last month highlighting the increased use of semi-automatic and automatic weapons by terrorists and the Islamic State. While the piece itself has some merit and is relatively informative, the article was shoved down Twitter users’ throats advertised in a kinda-sorta-super scary / manner.

By the way the New York Times advertised the piece during the first week of August, you’d think that radical Islamic terrorists took down the World Trade Center with guns and not box-cutters and airplanes. The way the piece was aggressively propagated, you’d think modern terrorists focused solely on utilizing arms as a form of terror, rather than diversifying, i.e. trucks to kill +85 people and injure +400 plus. Viewing the New York Times Twitter account, you’d think there were multiple cases of ISIS operatives murdering innocents with knives in the name of Allah (Hillary said it).

Fuck, the way the New York Times pushed this fucking article, you’d think the Islamic State was actually manufactured at the Smith and Wesson factory itself. Meanwhile, the United State’s disastrous foreign policy that has destabilized the Middle East beyond Bush II’s wild dreams has nothing to due with the increased use of arms by modern terrorists.

As you will see below, this is how the New York Times tried to make guns the responsible party of the actions of terrorists, not the terrorists themselves, through it’s Twitter accounts.

The New York Times used:

  • 5 different graphics in order to push the piece.
  • 13 different Tweets in a 48 hour span to propagate the piece in this specific way.
  • 8 different phrases to make Twitter users think the growth of terrorism is solely tied to the use of automatic weapons.


NYT Guns 1.jpg

New York Times Guns 2.jpg

New York Times Guns 5.jpg



New York Times Guns 8.jpg

New York Times Guns 9.jpg

New York Times Guns 10.jpgNew York Times Guns 11.jpg

New York Times Guns 12.jpgNew York Times Guns 13.jpg

New York Times Guns 14.jpg

New York Times Guns 15.jpg





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