Things We Learned from “Jeopardy” Today

Ya boyy Nick From NY has pulled a total slackjob over the past few weeks being lazy as fuck. While The MD is off doing who fucking knows what, ya boyy figured it was time to get No Filter Network back in it’s groove. I mean, if not now, when? The NFL season just started. The presidential election is less than 2 months away. The Mets and Yankees are playing their tits off. And my tiny nipples went to France.


Anyway: as No Filter Network eases back into its groove, we finna capitalize on some easy-ass content in order to get the mojo flowing again. As I sat relatively lit as fuck watching “Jeopardy” tonight (which I do 2-3 a week), I stumbled on a pretty fascinating factoid. Whether or not this factoid was actually fascinating, or if I’m just high as balls remains to be determined. While being fascinating (and high as balls), I realized it’d be easy/lazy as hell to provide some fun-facts I learned via Trebek and his smooth, sexy, silky voice.

So for our first “Things we Learned From ‘Jeopardy’ Today”, we got this one for y’all:

Cheez-Its were first introduced to the world in 1921. 

I had no idea that Cheez-Its have been around for so damn long. It’s even more surprsing that those delicious flavor crystals have been  when juxtaposed with the founding dates of other scrumptious cheese-based snacks (all data of this magnitude is obviously derived from a trust source, Wikipedia):

Gold Fish: invented in 1958

Cheetos: invented in 1948

Cheez Doodles: introduced in the late 1950’s

Cheese Puffs: invented in the 1930’s

Now that I think of it, that wasn’t exactly “fascinating”.

Now that I think of it, I’m still high as balls.







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