So About That Cold War Conspiracy…

Background: Just about a month ago, a data dump of the Democratic National Committee’s emails was leaked/published by WikiLeaks. The DNC leaks presented serious implications that proved to be quite damning for the DNC and Clinton Campaign. Among other things, the leaked DNC emails highlighted apparent voter fraud, campaign finance collusion, racist undertones, and dirty campaign tricks performed by the Democratic establishment. 

The news broke on a Friday morning, which was followed by barely a peep from the Clinton Campaign or democratic “spin doctors” throughout the ensuing weekend. Eventually, when the Clinton Campaign came out with a statement Sunday night, just in time for the upcoming week’s news cycle. And what better statement/story could the Clintonians come up with in order to distract the public from the revelatory news while denouncing the information as a whole?

If you guessed full-blown fear mongering via a Cold War conspiracy, you’d be correct. You can peep our quick assessment of the Clinton Campaign and Robby Mook’s blatant McCarthyistic propaganda right hurr.  The claims were completely unsubstantiated and were presented without any supporting facts (very responsible of a presidential candidate criticizing the other candidate for his unpredictability and irresponsibility).




The only semi-substantial connection between “Russia” and the DNC Leak is the existence of the hackers Guccifer and Guccifer 2.0. These 2 Russia hackers have been known to the government and mainstream media for an extended period of time now. Regardless of either Guccifer’s involvement in hacking the information that was eventually published by WikiLeaks, anyone with even the slightest bit of critical thinking knows that an individual Russian’s actions do not automatically make him an operative of the mo-fuggin Kremlin. The hackers’ connection to “Russia”, as an abstract idea, is likely the reason the Clinton Campaign decided to go full McCarthy on the supposedly educated 2016 American public.

Flash forward a month, and nothing has changed in terms of verified facts from governmental agencies or non-anonymous sources. As noted by Phillip Weiss, no hard evidence has been presented by any governmental official regarding the parties responsible for the DNC Leak. Let alone the lack of hard evidence, the entire narrative surrounding a Kremlin-initiated hack has been provided by entirely anonymous sources. Additionally, the White House has refused to comment on the situation in-depth. As Reuters highlights, “the Obama administration is unlikely to blame Russia publicly”.

So, let me ask you:


Get a load of this shit:



For those unable to view the video, here’s what Hillary’s Campaign Manager, Robby Mook, a notoriously unethical political operative, had to say:




This is not only irresponsible as fuck, but incendiary as shit. It’s one thing to try to distract the American public from significant issues and information. It’s a whole ‘nother story to actively increase geo-political tension with a nuclear Russia. To say that Mook’s comments, which have no official proof or governmental confirmation, are extreme, would actually be putting it lightly. This is the type of high-level McCarthyistic propaganda that has the ability to warp the minds of a super fungible generation into Cold War hysterics for decades to come. Look up “John Birch Society” on Google if you want to see the parallelism.

Expect more of the same from the Clinton Campaign going forward, regardless of official governmental confirmation. The Clintonians do not operate in the realm of facts. What they say, and what the media gobbles up and disperses without an ounce of integrity, goes.

Just know this is nothing new… not even for 2016. The Clinton Campaign consists of the same political operatives that spread the information surrounding Bernie Sanders’ honeymoon to the Soviet Union.

From a historical perspective, this is also nothing new. Barack Obama’s own campaign accused the Clinton Campaign (2008) of taking part in the same fearmongering rumor-spreading that we seek Mook participating in now.

A month ago, US Intelligence was “not ready to say Russia was behind the DNC hack”. (via mediaite). What’s changed since then? Nothing. 


Stay Woke.


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