Jerry Colangelo Is THAT GUY

Among the average, normal, and completely crazy individuals that make up our society, there’s been a proliferation of numerous “kind of guys” emerging everywhere you look. These “kind of guys” float among us as seemingly innocent simpletons on the surface, while harboring deep and dark habitual behavior that everyone hates. One of the worst “kind of guys” out there is the guy that wants to take 100% of the credit for all successes that exist around him. 

And you know what kind of guy Jerry Colangelo, the Director of USA Basketball,  is?





Here’s what Colangelo had to say about global basketball following the USA Men’s Basketball team earnings its third straight Olympic gold medal while extending its Olympic winning streak to 52 games, via ESPN:

“The more interest in basketball on all levels, I’m for. I’m a lifer in the game. I love the game. Basketball is the No. 2 sport in the world, [but] we just need to see these other countries get their acts together and become more competitive.


ESPN interpreted that quote from USA Basketball’s Director as challenging “countries to push Team USA”, while SB Nation interpreted the quotes as Colangelo simply stunting on his competition.

As for No Filter Network? The only thing that Colangelo’s quote sounds like to us is “THAT GUY”, trying to take all the credit for USA Men’s Basketball success and dominance.

You think the Director of mo-fuggin’ USA Basketball doesn’t want to keep dominating? You think the Director of mo-fuggin’ USA Basketball doesn’t want everyone to know how much better America is at basketball than the rest of the world? Nah, nah, nah.

Jerry Colangelo made these comments about other countries’ basketball programs as form of self-validation of “his” brilliance or domination. By criticizing the basketball institutions of other countries, Colangelo is indirectly (though not subtly) crediting himself for USA Basketball’s straight molliwopping.




In reality, the 2016 Men’s Basketball team came as close as it could to proving the insignificance of USA Basketball’s current organizational hierarchy. This year’s Olympic team featured  ten first-time olympians and 6 players who never played for the senior national team prior to competing in Rio (via Marc Stein). Not only that, but this year’s Olympic team didn’t feature the likes of LeBron James, Steph Curry, Russell Westbrook, Chris Paul, Anthony Davis, and many others.

The fact that a team with little to no experience playing together, that didn’t feature 3 of the best 5 basketball players in the world, won the Olympic gold medal, invalidates Colangelo’s presumptive malarkey. 

Hey Jerry, FOH.




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