More Evidence Of Media-Political Collusion

If you’ve been paying attention, President Barack Obama tends to get super-favorable treatment along with tons of free passes from the media. From the most simple and non-serious things, to issues that of grave and serious implications, Barack Obama receives unprecedented levels of adulation at every turn. This ranges obvious campaign stunts such as a “mic drop” at a correspondents’ dinner and singing false economic propaganda on Jimmy Fallon, to more serious issues like side-stepping the constitutional boundaries of the executive branch and operating under high levels of non-transparency.

For example, in the first days of August, the United States announced that it would be entering a new war in Libya, via a comprehensive bombing campaignBy initiating warfare in Libya, the United States officially entered its third different war with a middle eastern country (along with Afghanistan and Iraq). Unsurprisingly, no one in the mainstream media batted an eye. Simultaneously, news broke that the United States likely issued an all-cash $400MM ransom payment to Iran, the leading state sponsor of terrorism in the world, in order to free 4 US sailors. New specifics of the transaction and new secret details surrounding the release of the American hostages emerged, and no one in the MSM batted an eye.




Simultaneously, Donald Trump and all his buffoonery/stupidity, made headline after headline. Throughout the first few days of August, stories revolving not-new, highly precedented, and relatively inconsequential Trump actions/quotes dominated headliens…. All while no one really cared that the US might have paid its first ransom for hostages since the 1980’s. In fact, CNN felt that 9 of its top headlines should feature Trump, breaking international warfare news.


CNN Obsessed With Trump.png


The Washington Post naturally/indirectly participated in some similar activities, posting its “most-read” articles (which obviously would feature Trump) to the top of its site:


Screen shot 2016-08-11 at 6.24.43 PM.png


So what gives? Why can’t the press accurately cover Barack Obama and his administration’s activities, even in the most serious and grave situations? 

How about the fact that many mainstream media entities have colluded with not only with each other, but also with the White House. As you can see in the graphics below, the staff and personnel of major MSM groups and of the Obama administration have serious and legitimate incestual ties. It’s easy to shrug these types of connections as mere coincidences… but when serious news like a brand new international war breaks, and no one gives a flying fuck, it’s apparent that there is something else going on.

Graphics and info like this have been around forever, so if you’re interested in climbing down this rabbit hole, I guarantee you’ll have plenty of information to read-up on.




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