Quickie: USA Men’s Basketball

The USA Men’s Basketball squadron delivered a straight shellacking to China this past weekend, with a 57-point margin of victory. After dominating its first game of the 2016 Olympics, the US is on its way to a second W in the tournament against Venezuela. Although the game remained a near-tie for one and half quarters, Team USA is currently up 36 points with 6:25 to go in the 4th quarter.

Thus far, the Men’s basketball squadron has been fun as fuck to watch. Not only have been bball junkies been able to watch some of the NBA’s best talent playing on one team, but also watch some fantastic team basketball. While dominating both games, the US has played excellent team basketball: aggressive / communicative / ball-hawkish defense, combined with rapid ball movement and nonstop off-the-ball player motion on the offensive end. You couldn’t ask for more as an American fan investing time in the Olympics.




However, I’ve noticed a weird phenomenon take place over the past few days surrounding the Men’s Basketball team. For some reason, everyone and their mother seems completely disinterested in the team and Olympic Basketball. Not only are they disinterested, but some people actively dismiss the accomplishments and excellence of the team, as if it’s no biggie or a super boring/predictable competition. Which has me confused about something….


Seriously, what the fuck? Straight up everyone gets jacked to the tits about USA winning the medal count every year. Everyone wants the USA to dominated in every single sport. Hell, people were freaking the fuck out last night that only 2 American female gymnasts were allowed to advance to the All-Around Final due to rules, even though the 3 best scores belonged to American gymnasts. People were freaking the fuck out last night when Michael Phelps went full aquaman and straight obliterated his competition in the Men’s 4×100 Freestyle Relay.

So why the fuck does no one care about the American basketball players, who are arguably the best at what they do relative to the competition than any other group of athletes? I don’t know about y’all, but it sounds like a whole bunch of haterade is being poured into the punch-bowl at the school dance. 

Just Sayin’.




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