Death Of Real Journalism #2

“Death Of Real Journalism” will most definitely be a repeat post on No Filter Network. While I don’t have the same confidence with our “Is Anything Sacred Anymore?”, I am sure as hell that “Death Of Real Journalism” will become a mainstay on the site. Want to know why? Because “real” journalistic institutions, which have the responsibility of providing real citizens with real information, have slowly abandoned their traditional code and mutated into pseudo bloggy / thinkpiecey / clickbait-whoring entities.




Case in point: Peep the two different headlines used by an MSNBC writer hack when attempting to encapsulate two very similar, separate incidents.


MSNBC Bias.jpg


Ugh… does it get any more pathetic than that? Can a media entity make it any clearer how biased it actually is while covering political news? Can a writer have any more reckless disregard for the implications of his bias work?

As you can see, the ass-clown that goes by the name “Steven Benen” attempted to politicize and spin 2 speeches in order to fit his/MSNBC’s desired narrative (not to mention that the speeches themselves are an act of politicization). One grieving parent of a deceased US military vet is lambasted as inauthentic and manipulative, while another grieving parent of a decreased US military vet is praised as some second coming of mo-fuggin Dr. King.

Only difference between these 2 instances: one of these “Gold Star” parents were repeatedly lied to by the US Government about the truth surrounding their son’s death, while the other “Gold Star” parents were not. In a not-so-shocking turn of events, the parent that was played and ACTUALLY MANIPULATED by government forces is mocked and accused of being manipulated. 

The sad part…. millions of Americans will continue to watch and read MSNBC for their primary source of information surrounding the 2016 presidential election.


Death Of Journalism


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