“America, Fuck Yeah” 

This could have been the newest addition to our “Welcome To 2016” series, but this bad boy is just too damn absurd not to be presented on its own.

Y’all remember the game-changing ode to America, “America, Fuck Yeah” from the the creative visionaries Matt Stone and Trey Parker, right?


Well it looks like a Missouri politician by the name of Eric Greitens just made a video that is the political campaign equivalent to the “America, Fuck Yeah” video:


That’s right… A politician just spent nearly 30 seconds ripping bullets from a mo-fuggin machine gun turret in an effort to win your vote. 

I mean, I know that the issue of gun control rhetoric has proliferated American society… But this is just on a whole ‘nother level. I’m not sure what’s more ridiculous, Eric Greitens’ television ad, or the fucking fake “Scorcher” trailers from the movie “Tropic Thunder”.





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