Irony Of Each Party’s Nominee

The 2016 presidential election cycle has been one of the wildest and most unpredictable roller-coaster rides in recent political memory. The madness that has surrounded this year’s election cycle can be attributed to a few different thangs.

For one thing, 2016 features easily the highest level of media scrutiny that any election has seen in American history. The media coverage of this presidential race has been almost overwhelming. It’s featured a smorgasbord of different media entities scrutinizing each candidate, while millions of attentive Americans have been engaged on social media platforms. People, from professional journalists to professional couch-potatoes, have been able to dissect and assess each candidate’s every move or statement, mainly due to the unprecedented level of information available to them.

This election has also morphed into a volatile dog-and-pony show due to the candidates themselves. One candidate is a insult-slinging businessman with little political experience, and arguably even less class. Just when you think Donald Trump couldn’t possibly say anything more stupid/horrid/absurd than he just did, DonDon shocks and proves us all wrong. Meanwhile, another candidate is a multi-decade political establishment figure with a litany of clouds surrounding her career. Not only that, Hillary has managed to undergo multiple federal investigations just in this god damn election season alone. You seriously couldn’t script a better scenario for a hollywood film.

And to top-off all of the mayhem surrounding this political circus, the 2016 election cycle’s main 2 presidential candidates have the #1 and #2 worst approval ratings in modern American politics. Via fivethirtyeight, this is where DonDon and The Hilldabeast stood in May.

Screen shot 2016-07-27 at 8.06.06 PM.png


You can peep more coverage of America’s unprecedented distaste of these 2 candidates right hur and right hur.


With the political shitshow we’ve referenced that’s followed the 2016 presidential race, it’s easy to forget one of THE craziest elements of this whole thang. Many have failed to recognize the irony of each candidate’s political resume relative to their respective plarty’s platform. Alright, enough with the prefacing, time to dive into this shit. 



The official nominee of the Democratic National Committee, Hillary Clinton is:

#1) A full-blown interventionist war-hawk. 

  • Hillary Clinton was one of the biggest proponents of the invasion of Afghanistan and ultimately the Iraq War.
  • As Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton ran a weapons-smuggling operation in Libya in order to arm “moderate rebels”.
  • While Secretary State, Hillary Clinton oversaw multiple militaristic interventions in Egypt, Libya, and Syria, which has ultimately led/contributed to the full scale geopolitical crises the world is witnessing.




#2) A multi-decade political shill for Wall Street and corporate greed. 

  • As a New York Senator, Hillary Clinton took an extremely hands-off approach when it came to regulating and controlling Wall-Street. Wall-Street operated under an environment of complete de-regulation while Hillary was in congress (an environment of de-regulation that her hubby, Bill, put in place as POTUS).
  • In less than 2 years, Hillary Clinton made 8 different speeches to big Wall-Street banks that led to the collection of $1.8 MILLION in speaking fees.
  • Hillary served on the Board of Directors of Wal-Mart, a company notorious for its horrible pay-practices and treatment of employees.




#3) A national politician that was opposed to gay marriage until 2013. 

  • While most liberal politicians had already adopted marriage-equality platforms for years, Hillary Clinton didn’t support gay marriage until 2013.
  • Clinton either doesn’t actually believe in marriage-equality, or strongly values her political career over her values, as she denounced gay marriage as Senator of a very liberal state.


#4) A long-time supporter of free trade deals that have stripped millions of Americans of their jobs. 

  • Hillary Clinton supported NAFTA.
  • Hillary Clinton was a strong propenent of the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP). Since changing her entire platform due to Bernie Sanders’ liberal revolution, Clinton has done a complete 180 on the issue. Clinton denies this adamantly, while the Obama Administration has attempted to block Freedom Of Information requests to see Clinton’s transcripts on TPP, until after the November election. 


The official nominee of the Republican National Committee, Donal Trump is:

#1) A life-long member of the Democratic Party. 




#2) A long-time supporter of universal healthcare. 

  • Donald Trump previously espoused healthcare policies that run completely opposite to what the Republican platform states.
  • Donald Trump still espouses healthcare concepts that run parallel to universal healthcare as of 2016.


#3) A supporter of an isolationist/dovish foreign affair strategy. 

  • Trump has spoken out against the Iraq War for years.
  • Trump has questioned current multi-nation agreements as he feels America performs too much heavy-lifting militaristically.




#4) A supporter of abortion rights. 

  • Trump has been pro-choice since the turn of the 21st century. This runs against the GOP platform.


Unfortunately, it’s much easier and much more fun to focus on the circus and dog-and-pony show elements that dominate headlines. If American actually cared about more than just the icing on the top of this political cake, they’d would be talking about the crazy irony presented to you above.


And you know it boy.


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