The Ultimate Fearmongering

The mainstream media and Democratic Party has labeled the GOP’s presidential nominee, Donald Trump, as a “fearmonger” for quite some time now. As we highlighted earlier today, the media has a propensity for depicting DonDon as an uber-pessimistic candidate. The media paints the Republican candidate as one who solely prays on the insecurities and primal fears of American citizens. DJ Trump has been categorized as “hateful”,  “racist“, and a “bigot“.

Eventually, rhetoric containing terminology such as “Hitler”, “Nazis”, and “demagogue”, get hurled around in an effort to deplore Trump (on web forums, they’re likely paid Clinton shills). While those cliched and reckless labels make the rounds, the idea that a Trump presidency would lead to unavoidable “apocalypse” is consistently espoused.




I don’t know about y’all, but that sounds like quite a bit of fearmongering to me… 

Sidenote: Yaboy ain’t no pro-Trump fuckboi. I loathe his incompetence and find some of his opinions disagreeable as fuck. However, as he is the Democratic Party’s primary opponent, I must utilize DonDon as a reference point to highlight the hypocrisy of American politics.


Those few examples pale in comparison to the fearmongering unleashed by the DNC itself following the massive WikiLeaks data dump. Of course, the DNC went nearly 48-hours without a detailed response to this shocking emergence of information. But when the DNC finally decided to provide an explanation, it swung for the fences: RUSSIAN CONSPIRACY.

The DNC is claiming to media networks that intelligence sources indicate that the “Russian state actors” orchestrated the release of 20,000 DNC emails in order to help Donald Trump win the 2016 Presidential Election. This is supposed to be some political chess-move by Vlad Putin, as he views Trump as a potentially  cooperative/fungible ally. This, of course, is an supposed effort by Vlad to ascertain more power and take down the United States. These claims are completely unsubstantiated and not explained in detail at all. 

Are you fucking kidding me!? You’re response to an explosive, election-changing, release of information is to blame the mo-fuggin Russians!? THIS IS A METHOD OF CREATING MASS HYERIA.

“I know, we have no excuse for our abhorrent behavior, so let’s break out some old-school Cold War rhetoric, scare the shit out of everyone, and make them think a presidential candidate is a KGB operative. This way, no one pays attention to the issue at hand.”


Putin on horse funny.png


Don’t get me wrong, this political strategy is the epitome of what both the DNC and RNC have practice for years. When shit hits the fan, political entities find a way to distract the public from the present/important information. But this is the ultimate fearmongering (with a malarkey excuse weaved in). At this point, the main tie to Russia is the identity of the Russian hacker known Guccifer 2.0, who likely provided WikiLeaks with the hacked information. Guccifer 2.0 subtly leaked shit from the DNC last month as well.

It may turn out that the Kremlin somehow funded Guccifer 2.0, but as for now, all rumors are unsubstantiated. In fact, notorious Clinton solider Robby Mook could only say that “experts” are the ones indicating that Putin is behind the #DNCLeak. As the Clinton Campaign continued to push the Russian government angle throughout the day, the Clinton camp continued to confirm that it can’t be “certain” it was the Russians. It doesn’t get less specific or unverified than that,folks. 


image (16).jpeg


Sidenote: It’s ironic that the Democratic Party, which mocked Mitt Romney’s intelligence in 2012 for correctly predicting Russia’s efforts to re-enter the foreign affairs spotlight, is now stating America have a Cold-War-level conspiracy theory on its hands. 






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