The DNC Leak and It’s Explosive Implications

As we briefly mentioned 2 days ago, WikiLeaks released over 20,000 Democratic National Committee emails for the public to read. The massive cyber-security breach came as a shocking revelation, in a news week that consisted of covering Donald Trump and the Republican National Convention. What started as a questionable rumor on Monday (as reported by CNN), morphed into a full-blown, ground-breaking, global topic of discussion by Friday. As we sit here on Sunday night, it looks as though this baby is finna dominate the American news-cycle for months to come.




When this significant of a data breach goes down, in terms of scope and subject matter, the usual first question people have is the ol’ “WHODUNIT”. Rumors have circulated in the conversational periphery over the past 96 hours regarding who originally hacked the DNC. From a hacker dubbed “Guccifer 2.0”, to the CIA, to WikiLeaks themselves, to mo-fuggin Vlad Putin, there’s been quite a few theories on who exactly committed the hack and provided WikiLeaks with the information to leak.

HOW-EVAH: the mainstream media, the internet, and individual people haven’t had time to worry about who specifically hacked the DNC. Nah, nah, nah, people haven’t had time to worry about who hacked the DNC because the information revealed in the hack itself is as explosive as fuck. This is not some average, joe-schmo, data breach that you hear about from time to time. This puppy contains highly sensitive, extremely detailed information surrounding the preeminent American news topic (the 2016 Presidential Election)

And as for the implications of the information hacked from the Democratic National Committee….? Let’s just say shit just hit the fucking fan. Or as the children say the children say these days, “It’s Lit AF”. 

Over the next few days, NFN will be diving deep into the dirty deets of all the shocking (and not-so-shocking) revelations that the #DNCLeak has provided. Due to the sheer size of the leak, it’ll take some time to sort through everything. In the meantime, we want to finish this primer with a list of the extremely explosive, and ultimately scary-as-hell implications that have emerged since the data dump from WikiLeaks: 

(Deeeeeep breath…)


First: The DNC blatantly and directly acted in a bias nature in favor of Hillary Clinton vs. Bernie Sanders. 

Second: The DNC and Clinton Campaign actively strategized together against Bernie Sanders throughout the “unified” Democratic Presidential Primaries. In fact, the DNC and Debbie Wasserman-Schultz sought to sabotage The Brooklyn Brawler’s Campaign all-together. 

  • The DNC and Clinton Campaign sought to highlight Bernie Sanders’ Judaism as some kind of flaw and weakness that should be exposed.
  • DNC planted moles in the Sanders Campaign to report back to the DNC and the Clinton Campaign.





Third: The DNC and Clinton Campaign colluded with some media entities while attempting to manipulate other media entities. 

  • The DNC demanded that MSNBC pull a segment that portrayed Clinton unfavorably.
  • Politico reporters allowed the DNC to screen/approve soon-to-be published articles.
  • The DNC demanded that Morning Joe stop using the term “rigged system”.
  • The DNC attempted to sway major news networks into receiving better treatment.
  • The DNC fed CNN planted questions for them to ask Hillary Clinton.


Fourth: The DNC and Clinton Campaign took part in multiple unethical “campaign tricks”, both against the GOP and against their own candidate, Bernie Sanders. 

  • The DNC paid shills to troll against Bernie Sanders supporters throughout online forums, in an unethical smear campaign.
  • The DNC sent workers to start a fake protests outside of Trump Campaign and RNC events.


Fifth: The DNC treated the Hispanic community as simply a “consumer” that they need to manipulate into ownership, as if they are a group of lemming-esque brainless robots. 




Sixth: The DNC made fun of different minority groups, multiple times. 

  • This includes mocking an African-American woman’s name.
  • This includes using the phrase that liberals have shamed out of existence “no homo”.


Seventh: There are possible financial ties between the DNC, the Clinton Campaign, and the Clinton Foundation. 

  • This is arguably the most explosive, under-reported, and revelatory element of the DNC Leak so far. Heads are going to roll. Shit is lit. 


Stay tuned for a shitload of more info to come, with specific emails and links to information.


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