More Evidence of Media-Political Collusion

In NFN’s quick primer breaking down the explosives implications surrounding the DNC Leak, we mentioned Americans now has evidence that the DNC and Clinton Campaign attempted to manipulate the media.

Not only did the DNC and Clinton Campaign seek to manipulate some news networks, but also actively collided with other media entities (CNN, Politico).

Following the wrap-up of the Republican National Convention, it looks as though Americans have even more proof of the media’s collusion with both political organizations and other media peers.

ICYMI: Donald Trump closed the RNC in Cleveland with a long and serious speech that lasted approximately 75 hours. While the speech was not some super optimistic fluff-piece, Trump painted realistic and pressing dangers to the future of American prosperity. While doing so, Trump highlighted some ongoing issues on American society and that it needs to be fixed. This is a pretty normal/routine approach for the presidential nominee competing that is running against the party that current occupies the White House.

Now, for the juicy stuff…

Hillary Clinton’s campaign released a statement following the RNC, claiming Trump presented a “dark” picture of America that isn’t factually accurate.



Hmmmm, that response seems pretty expected and understandably strategic from an opposing candidate. But here’s the thing… Somehow, every single major media entity in America magically managed to categorize Trump’s speech with identical verbiage the following day.



So not only did every media entity run the same narrative, but the narrative was originally introduced by the fucking Clinton Campaign. To think this is some “coincidental” would be completely moronic. Anyone with a middle-school vocabulary could come up with other/differentiating synonyms to the term “dark”. The statistical odds of all of these news headlines containing the same verbiage points to the fact that the media continues to act as political puppets.



Of course, the “dark” narrative also ran parallel to what Golden Boy Obama had to say about Trump’s RNC speech. I have a sneaking suspicion that the Clinton Campaign placed a call to the White House to ensure cooperation/collaboration.


Folks, there isn’t much more to say than that. You can continue to stick your head in the sand and block out an alarming/revelatory news, or you can wake up and spread the information of the media’s complicity in political activities.



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