Charts, Bruh: The “Terror Watch List”

Peep this chart, bruh: 

Terrorist Watch List.jpg

(Via National Review)

For any and all people unfamiliar with what exactly the “Terror Watch List” is all about, this chart should be enlightening as fuck. 

For any and all people unfamiliar with what exactly the “Terror Watch List” is all about, this chart should be scary as fuck. 

Ok, ok… before we dive into why this chart is revealing/crazy as shit, let’s provide some background.

First: Gun-control legislation has been one of the most hotly debated poli-socio topics in America over the past few years. This movement has been brought on by a sharp increase in mass shootings in America over the past half decade. This movement has been spearheaded by Democratic members of congress and the POTUS, Barack Obama.

Sidenote: Don’t mind the fact that civil federal agencies (FDA, EPA) under Barack Obama has spent more money on arms, military weapons, and tactical gear than any other POTUS in US history. 

Second: One of the “quick-fix” solutions that vocal Democratic have espoused as of late is to ban all dudes on the “Terror Watch List” from buying guns. This would be a way to “ensure” that no guns fall into the hands of “bad guys”.

That makes sense, right?  I mean, if you’re a “bad guy” that wants to harm America and innocent people, you shouldn’t be allowed to by a gun. And I mean, if you’re on the Terror Watch List, you’re probably an evil person, right? It sounds like basic algebra. But hol’ up a second, not so fast… 

As you can peep in the chart, nearly 300 THOUSAND people are on the Terror Watch List and have absolutely no ties to any terrorist individual/organization. 

So when you hear in the news that over 2,000 people on the Terror Watch list has legally purchased a firearm between 2004-2014, it doesn’t mean shit. There are nearly 150-times more people that have no terrorist affiliations on this malarkey list than the 2,000 “bad guys” that bought guns over that ten year stretch.




It’s a bullshit way to circumvent the Second Amendment and enact gun-control without going through the proper/legal/constitutional processes that America is built upon. It’s also a bullshit way to control the masses and limit the power of the people. Not to go full tin-foil hat on y’all, but to hear civil agencies like the fucking FDA stocking up on firearms while the federal government seeks to limit the constitutional rights of people that THEY KNOW are innocent…. let’s just say it’s not a good trend.

Speaking of trends, peep this insane info on the recent and rapid increases in innocent individuals being placed on the Terror Watch List (via NR / The Intercept):

The government is adding people to its already bloated watchlisting system at breakneck pace, and it’s still hungry for more. That’s the unavoidable conclusion from documents published yesterday in The Intercept.

Not a good look, fam.


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