Clinton Campaign’s Foreign Policy “Ace In The Hole”?

If you’ve been on the world-wide-web today, you’ve probably heard about WikiLeaks releasing over 20-Thousand Democratic National Committee emails for the public to read. WikiLeaks lived up to its reputation, delivering unreal and not-so-shocking revelations that paint the DNC as the uber-corrupt political entity that many Americans have believed it is. This little quickie of a post is about ANOTHER information-leak surrounding the Hillary Clinton and the DNC.

ICYMI: Russian hacker “Guccifer” (more on him in posts to come) released a trove of DNC / Clinton Campaign emails a month ago that proved to be revelatory as fuck. Within the emails released by Guccifer (hmmm, and to think Hillary’s private server was never hacked…), information on the DNC’s strategy for portraying Clinton on the campaign trail emerged. Here’s some specifics about the strategy, via (

The DNC collected all info about the attacks on Hillary Clinton and prepared the ways of her defense, memos, etc., including the most sensitive issues like email hacks,” Guccifer 2.0 wrote in his latest release of the alleged party’s documents. DNC would not comment on the release.

The 59-page master doc details “2016er” attacks, vulnerabilities and subsequent defenses on issues including economic inequality, LGBT rights, ties to Wall Street, women’s issues, Clinton’s private email server, and the Clinton Foundation, a nonprofit run by Clinton’s husband Bill and their daughter Chelsea.


Among all of the juicy material, which everyone should totes peep, this little gem caught my eye:


Israel Obama Hillary


As you can see, one of the DNC and Clinton camp’s strategies for defending attacks against The Hilldabeast’s foreign policy association with Obama is to highlight a potential improvement with Israeli relations. The focus of the strategy is to disassociate Hillary from Obama’s relationship with Israel, which has been super shaky, to say the least. As the general election continues to approach, America will hear much more specific attacks from Republicans regarding Hillary’s foreign policy. One of these attacks will surely feature the the Obama Administration’s destructive/reckless behavior towards Israel over the past 4 years.

This may seem like “no big deal” to many. It may seem like an innocuous political memo from the DNC and a campaign. But when you look at the memo through the lens of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton’s enduring tenuous political relationship, you see the makings of Clinton slowly stepping away from the “I WILL CONTINUE PRESIDENT OBAMA’S POLICIES”. Hillary’s willingness to slightly diss some actions of the Obama Administration in order to appeal to more Americans may seem by no big deal, but Barack Obama has Hillary by the theoretical balls. With a potential FIB investigation into the Clinton Foundation looming, and Loretta Lynch in Obama’s pocket, Hillary is likely endorsing Obama not just to appeal to his loyal fans, but also to stroke Obama’s ego.

Anyway, here’s some fun political cartoons that have been published over the years surrounding the US’s eroding relationship with Israel over the past 8 years:












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