So, About That “Famous” Video…

This is a late-to-the-party post, my apologies. This baby’s been sitting on my phone for weeks and we ain’t about that wasteful blogstylo. NFN is all about “going green” when it comes to old drafts. In case you just hopped out the DeLorean, Kanye dropped a wild fucking video for his track “Famous” last month. Peep it here:



Before we dive into the video itself, let’s go over some key truths about Kanye West, which any American with even the slightest bit of pop-culture awareness should know:

#1) Kanye is eccentric/unique as fuck. Since the beginning of his career. Ye has played by his own rules. From rocking pink polos when everyone was rocking gangster gear, to saying the POTUS hates black people on national television (to this day, nothing beats Mike Meyers’ and Chris Tucker’s shocked faces after Yeezy let that one loose…Nothing), to wifing up arguably one of the biggest whores of Hollywood, Ye stay doing Ye things.



#2) Kanye is creative as fuck. As Kanye’s musical career has aged, Yeezy has delved into some more artistically challenging and unique goals. Whether it’s musically, visually, or lyrically different, Kanye likes to do “new shit”. Dude even made a full length mini-movie to compliment his entire “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy” album that features fucking ballerinas. 


#3) Kanye is arrogant as fuck. Kanye doesn’t just think he’s the greatest. He knows he’s the greatest. And that’s how Kanye has carried himself for 90% of his career.

Add those three things together, and you’ll see how Kanye manages to habitually cross the line during his artistic ventures. We’ve seen this occur countless times since the tragic death of his mother in 2008. Whether it be “album movies” with ballerinas and shit, or portraying him, Jay-Z, Nicki Minaj as dead bodies in the “Monster” video, or trotting out Jesus Christ lookalikes to pray with him on fake mountains during the Yeezus Tour… when it comes to Kanye, “over the top” is probably a pretty safe description to use.

Kanye Yeezus Tour Jesus.jpg

Which is why I’m confused as fuck about why: 1) everyone is so outraged about this new “Famous” video, 2) anyone is surprised that Kanye did this, and 3) anyone cares?

While his musical achievements unquestionably rank up there with the best of the best, there’s no question that Kanye likes to do shit for attention. What better way to get attention than portray 10 of the most highly discussed 50 celebrities in the world naked, in a bed together?

Yeah…. Exactly. 


Kanye Famous Video.jpg


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