Is Mark Cuban About To Be Named Hillary Clinton’s Running Mate?

Ok… stick with me for a second:¬†

First: The idea of Mark Cuban entering the political scene as a Vice Presidential running mate initially emerged back in February. Five months ago Cuban posted a quick think-piece on his blog, which discussed the 2016 election cycle and present day political discussion (read here). Given that the 2016 political scene had already been dominated by “outsiders” shaking up the system (Trump; Bernie), people began entertaining the idea of Mark Cuban as a viable option for American politics to turn to. Cuban would represent an even keeled business mind, who could match Trump’s celebrity while “trumping” Trump’s professional demeanor.

Second: Hillary Clinton spent multiple days last week discussing her options for a VP running mate with her campaign managers and advisors. The Clinton Campaign is in the process of “vetting” potential VP candidates (and when we say vetting, we mean ensuring they won’t interrupt Hillary’s slush fund). Lots of rumors have since entered regarding Hillary’s pick, from Julian Castro, to Cory Booker, to Elizabeth Warren.
Third: If you scroll through Mark Cuban’s Twitter timeline , you’ll find that Cuban hadn’t too much to say about politics, Trump, or Hillary, throughout the month of June and most of July… Until this week. Since then, Cuban has been on an absolute tweet storm denouncing Trump and what he stands for. While shitting on Trump, Cuban has also managed to slip in a few subtle Clinton endorsements as well. You can peep some of the tweets we are referring to below.

My take: Following Hillary’s VP discussion earlier this week, the Clinton Campaign ¬†decided to give Cuban a “tryout” to see how the entrepreneur would do in the political trenches of criticizing Trump, while also tracking how far/effective his social media reach can be.¬†

Just look at the very first thing Cuban mentions in his February blog post that we linked earlier:

“Social Media Influencers are more important than traditional political endorsements”

All of these recent developments, folks, means you shouldn’t be too shocked if Mark Cuban is tapped to be The Hilldbeast’s running mate.

Here are some of Cuban’s recent election-focused tweets:

Cuban 35.png

Cuban 30.png


Cuban 31.png

Cuban 32.png

Cuban 33.png

Cuban 34.png

Cuban Tweet 25.png

Mark Cuban Tweet 1.jpg

Mark Cuban Tweet 2

Mark Cuban Tweet 3

Mark Cuban Tweet 4

Mark Cuban Tweet 5

Mark Cuban Tweet 6.jpg

Mark Cuban Tweet 7.jpg

Mark Cuban Tweet 8

Mark Cuban Tweet 9.jpg

Mark Cuban Tweet 11





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