Charts, Bruh: President Obama’s Racial Division?

Peep this chart, bruh (via NYT):

Obama Race Relations Chart.png


Last week, following the Dallas cop-killings, and before the Baton Rouge cop-killings, President Obama addressed the nation on national television. The move by the POTUS was necessary, as America had just witnessed two outrageous (and likely unwarranted/unjust) killings of African American men by the police, which ultimately led to the the sniper debacle in Dallas.

While Obama had the good intentions of easing social/racial tension in the country, his words clearly fell on deaf ears, as evidenced by the follow-up triple-homicide in Baton Rouge earlier this week. During a brief statement in which the POTUS attempted to downplay the significance of the racial tension that has proliferated American society, Obama had this to say:


HOW-EVAH: when you peep the chart above, it is clear that the perception of race relations among Americas is as bad as it’s ever been during the Obama Presidency. 

Not only does a significant majority of the US population disagree with Barry’s statement… but more Americans disagree with him than ever before. As sad as it is to say, it seems pretty clear that if there’s only one thing that white and black Americans can agree on in 2016, it’s that race relations are in the fucking tubes. The rapid decline in race relations isn’t solely the POTUS’s fault. There have been acts of violence and discrimination by evil people that no politician can control. That said that Obama’s responses to massive societal crises have been relatively tepid and vague.



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