Charts, Bruh: Twitter Reaction To Melania Trump

Peep this chart, bruh: 


Melania Trump and Twitter


While this sucker is pretty self-explanatory and not exactly significant news, this chart (via Nick Picillio/Twitter) is the kind of shit that gives yaboy a chubby. The chart breaks down just how rapidly a specific topic of conversation can emerge and dominate what everyone is talking about on social media. The peaks and troughs of the chart depict the fascinating phenomenon of millions of people talking about a specific topic during a specific time, and then suddenly moving on to everything else (see 10:20pm to 11:45pm).

Unfortunately for the Trump Campaign, the topic of Melania and her Republican National Convention speech continued well into the morning. 


While we’re at it, peep this “fun” follow-up chart:


Melania Trump Twitter.jpg


As Twitter exploded with conversation surrounding Melania Trump, quite a few people had quite a few not-so-nice things to say about DonDon’s wife. It looks as though some peace-loving Democrats happen to be misogynistic, hate-spewing individuals as well. 



We Out Here.



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