Another Malfunction On The Trump Train

Oh Melania, Melania, Melania…. 

Here’s a live look at the Trump Train: 


As I’m sure you’ve heard by now, Melania Trump and the Trump Campaign are under serious scrutiny following DonDon’s wifey’s speech at the Republican National Convention last night.

After Melania delivered what was initially viewed as a strong, positive, and hiccup-free speech, shit hit the fan. 

Peep this shit: 



And this: 


No, you are not hallucinating in some crazy political Twilight Zone dream-state. Melania Trump basically plagiarized a Michelle Obama speech word for word. This was so god damn blatant that it’s almost like someone in the Trump Campaign is sabotaging DonDon’s candidacy. Then again, maybe someone’s been trying to sabotage the campaign for months, with all of Trump’s outrageous and divisive statements. 



At this point, I wouldn’t be shocked at all if DonDon himself is trying to ruin his own campaign because he’s tired of lighting all of his money on fire. Only a bunch of straight jabronies could continue to take part in gaffe after gaffe like this. 



On the other hand, I do feel a bit bad for Melania. She’s been dragged into this circus of a campaign and at least attempted to speak positive and non-divisive verbiage. I guess we will never know for sure whether or not Melania knew she was reading from a plagiarized speech, though it’s likely that this is just another complete fuck-up from the Trump Campaign and its advisors. It’s as if the Trump Campaign is trying to rack up gaffes and blunders like they’re trophies or rare animal pelts that get displayed at Trump HQ. Then again, Melania should’ve maybe known better not to trust Manafort and the rest of the crazy crew.

Of course, Trump responded with one of his many classic tactics (one that his opponent is also very competent at): DENY. DENY. DENY. 


“Fragments that reflected her own thinking”…? What the fuck does that even mean?




Annnnd here’s the cherry on top: 

Oh wait, I was wrong…. HERE is the cherry on top: 





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