Is American Apparel Trying To Scare Away Potential Customers?

Background: American Apparel is one of the largest apparel/clothing manufacturers in the United States. American Apparel designed it’s business over 3 decades ago in order to design, manufacture, distribute, and market clothing products. The retailer has branded itself as a “hip”, “sexy”, and “trendy” apparel store that can spice the fuck out of one’s wardrobe. Case in point, here’s one of the many classic American Apparel ad that riled the shit out of people a few years back (and was eventually banned in the United Kingdom:


Banned American Apparel Ad.jpg


Flash-Forward: Things for American Apparel haven’t been so hot over the past 10 years. After attracting people for it’s “Made in America” clothing, and becoming a recognizable brand via edgy clothing and even edgier advertising, American Apparel hit some hard times. The retailer filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Protection back in November 2015 and has failed to turn a profit since mo-fuggin’ 2009American Apparel’s executives totes woke up one day in the early 2010’s and were like “Damn… things done changed”.



But here’s the thing… it looks like American Apparel could be partly responsible for it’s rapid destruction. In fact, the executives at American Apparel might just be trying to scare their customers away. Get a load of this shit:


American Apparel Bag


So you’re telling me that a worldwide retailer that has locations in historically renown locations such as New York, Tel Aviv, Los Angeles, Tokyo, and Rome, to name a few, thinks its a smart idea to start it’s list of locations with “Cleveland”? I mean, I know Cleveland finally won a professional sports title after a 50-year draught, but C’MON SON. Not to be another gasbag that shits on the people/city of Cleveland (it’s become cliche and over-saturated as fuck), but outside of BronBron James, there aren’t many reasons for people around the world to even know what Cleveland is.

Too bad for American Apparel… they probably would’ve been better off playing this video on loop to raise awareness for it’s Cleveland location.


Sidenote: it brings a smile to my face knowing that people are still discovering these YouTube videos for the first time.

And you know it boy.


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