Do Less, SportsCenter

As society advances into the latter stages of the decade, many long-standing media entities and brands are faced with the challenges of a significantly transforming media landscape. Media productions that once were simpatico with the current times, say 10 years ago, are slowly realizing that they’ll need to adapt if they intend to survive in this exponentially evolving media climate. One of the historical media powerhouses that is experiencing this phenomenon is ESPN and it’s flagship show “SportsCenter”.

Between society’s full-scale immersion in social media, and the growing cord-cutting trend in the cable industry, ESPN and SportsCenter are fighting to keep up with the changing times. (Don’t ask me why they spent $125 MIllion on a new/unnecessary SportsCenter studio). In that effort, SportsCenter has tried to infuse real-time reactions to sporting news by showing people’s Twitter/Instagram accounts (whether they be celebrities or average joe’s).

However, when it comes to showing tweets on national television, sometimes ESPN get’s a big ahead of itself and busts its load a bit too quickly.

Case in point:

After it was announced the Chicago Bulls were trading Mike Dunleavy Jr. to the Cleveland Cavaliers in order to clear room to sign Dwyane Wade, the following tweet made its rounds via retweets on Twitter:


Mike Dunleavy Jr Twitter.png


But as anyone with a brain can see (based on the Twitter account’s activity, tweets, and followers), the Mike Dunleavy Jr. Twitter account is completely fake.


Dunleavy Twitter.png


That didn’t stop SportsCenter from publishing it on its nationally televised platform. Not only that, but it didn’t stop SportsCenter from editing the image itself and photoshopping a freaking “Verified Account” symbol. As you can see above, the real Twitter account was not verified.


Dunleavy Twitter ESPN.png



So not only did ESPN share a completely fake Twitter account of Mike Dunleavy Jr, but also forged the image itself. NOW THAT, IS SOME THIRSTY ASS SHIT




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