The Reason That Everyone Should (UNFORTUNATELY) Be Jealous Of Bill Simmons

In case you just hopped out the mo-fuggin’ DeLorean, Billy Boy Simmons has a new 30-minute talk show on HBO named “Any Given Wednesday”. Since departing ESPN, the Boston Blowhard has been also launched a new less-fun and less-smart Grantland with “The Ringer”. You can peep some of our primary feelings regarding Simmons’ 2 new projects here and here.

Sidenote: Here’s No Filter Network’s original reaction to finding out Bill Simmons was naming his new website “THE” Ringer. 



Ok… back to the point of this thang:

While we’ve made it clear that we seriously respect Bill Simmons’ writing chops while simultaneously shitting on his non-writing ventures, we can’t help but note that straight up every single American should be absolutely jealous of what Bill Simmons managed to pull off:


#1) Imagine you were given a job that you have wanted your entire life. 

#2) Imagine you were given a job that you have wanted your entire life when you are significantly worse at that job than your current job. 

#3) Imagine getting paid shitloads on shitloads of money for your dream job that is ultimately not your true professional strength. 


Not sure about you, but I would probably bust a nut all over the state of New York if I managed to swing even 1 of those things. I mean, look at what I’m doing this very second… If I could get paid just thousands to run this website, and not be forced to hold the job that I have been educated and trained for, it would arguably be the best day of my life.


Screen shot 2016-07-06 at 12.06.06 PM



Billy Boy Simmons has managed to snag a dream-job that he’s likely salivated over for decades: an HBO show.

Billy Boy Simmons has managed to stop doing what he is amazing at (writing), and instead started doing something he likes to do much more.

Billy Boy Simmons has managed to earn MILLLLLLIONS of dollars to work his dream-job while not focusing on his true strengths.


Yeah, Simmons is a wiener. Yeah, Simmons is kinda self-righteous. Yeah, Simmons is super hypocritical (usually do to how Boston-homer-goggles). But there’s no way I can deny that Simmons’ hard work has gotten him into an enviable position that anyone passionate about anything should be jealous of. 





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