In Or Out: AMC’s “Preacher” Edition


ICYMI: The NFN wrote an initial thoughts piece full of hot takes on Preacher’s premier back in the day. Well, now halfway through season 1, it’s time to decide whether we’re IN or OUT before it’s too late. Time is precious. And it’s important to allocate your down time properly to maximize your ability to consume as much television as possible. That means, deciding to soldier on with a show or cut bait at the time right time. In this world chock full of quality television, let us do it for you…

Preacher isn’t for everyone. It’s full of mystery, religious tenacity, spiritual fantasy, contemporary irony, WTF moments and questions that may never be answered. In many ways, Preacher is similar to Lost; a legendary series that garnered rave indie reviews, but longed for loose ends and thematic interpretation. There’s a burning passion each episode to uncover what kinda mind fucking moment will happen next, even if it creates more questions than answers.

But in the Golden Age of television, don’t you sometimes want to dive into a world that doesn’t mirror our own? There’s something to be said for mysticism and modern pop-culture satirical takes in a show that just isn’t afraid to go there and doesn’t know half measures. Whether it’s bucking traditional gender norms, personifying Christian mythology, world creating fantastical set pieces or scratching your proverbial head scenes, Preacher has it all for people looking for something new.

And if that’s not the highest priority on your list, you can revel in performance. Ruth Negga as Tulip is a revelation. She’s a badass mofo, and her time spent on screen is never enough. In a world where the female lead is typically a distressed character dependent on the actions of the male lead, Negga is a sight for sore eyes as an independent, rambunctious outlaw. She has a past with the protagonist Jesse Custer (Dominic Cooper), but her motivations couldn’t align further from his. Cooper’s full range has yet to be explored, but he’s shined during his time on screen as well portraying a lost man who’s attempting to find his way with a great and unknown power. The catch is, he doesn’t feel burdened by responsibility for it, he revels in it. Many of the ancillary characters are enhanced by their shroud of mystery, but indubitably their progression will come with great anticipation.

So, while Preacher may not be perfect storytelling, or even good storytelling for that matter, you should jump on the wagon now if you’re down to lose yourself in a fun and imaginative world that isn’t afraid to “go there.”

Verdict: IN



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