Fun/Enlightening Trump Tweet

Here’s a gem of a Tweet that Donald Trump managed to send out in most likely a drunken stupor late at night last month. I took a screenshot because I was also in a relatively solid drunken stupor, was completely confused by the tweet, and wanted to come back to it the next morning. Between the bizarre verbiage and potentially inflammatory insinuations, I captured the tweet thinking that it might be deleted later on. And of course, it was. However, I completely forgot about it until stumbling upon it while cleaning up my desktop.

So sit back and enjoy this hot garbage from DonDon.


Barbara Res is a former Trump employee that has claimed to multiple media outlets that Donald Trump didn’t act especially respectful toward the women he interacted with in the workplace. Trump basically confirmed Res’ comments regarding his treatment of women, as he speaks down to her and refers to her as “nasty” all in a single tweet. 

Cherry On Top: Trump even managed to misspell “Barbara”, most likely due to a combination of anger and alcohol. 

I can just picture an angry Donald Trump, all bloated and such after a huge/indulgent meal, laying in his bed in a cheetah skin robe, sending out angry tweets, as he chugs whiskey. And to think DonDon can be doing these same exact things in the Oval Office in just less than half a year!?

At least my fellow Americans aren’t completely asleep at the wheel… this one speaks for itself:

Donald Trump Women Numbers.png




Dumb Trump




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