Death Of Real Journalism #1

“Death Of Real Journalism” will most likely become a repeat post on No Filter Network. While I didn’t have the same confidence with our “Is Anything Sacred Anymore?”, I am sure as hell that “Death Of Real Journalism” will become a mainstay on the site. Want to know why? Because the real journalistic institutions, which have the responsibility of providing real citizens with real information, have slowly abandoned their traditional code and mutated into pseudo bloggy / thinkpiecey / clickbait-whoring entities.




Case in point: 

In the wake of one of the most significant geo-political moments of the 21st century, the Washington Post has decided to publish a comment section poster’s own mini think-piece that a WaPo employee just so happened to stumble upon on at



So you’re telling me that the Washington Post, one of the most well-respected and historically reliable journalistic instituion felt that it should publish the opinions of a random dude on a completely random site that didn’t happen to be That’s some whole ‘nother level shit.

I mean, it’s one thing to go full bloggy and post summaries what a real journalistic worked his/her ass off on (I admittedly do this a times, though it’s usually just Twitter trolls). It’s a whole ‘nother story to be re-blogging a from a fucking comment section on a website that isn’t your own fucking site. That’s outta control.




Sidenote: To be kinda-sorta-not really fair, the comment highlighted by the WaPo is pretty enlightening. It would definitely explain the rather minimal public appearances of Boris Johnson and the like (basically, all we’ve see is Nigel).

That said, the WaPo’s own malarkey blog post even features Tweets that are articulating the same things that this comment section dude is… so not exactly sure why the fuck this random dude’s hypothesis on fucking is worthy of Washington Post publication if they are also acknowledging that it’s not unique?….RIP. 


And you know it boy.


Death Of Journalism


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