Clinton Campaign Utilizing “Twitter Bots”?

Get a load of this shit that we came across on the World Wide Web earlier this month: 


Hillary Clinton Twitter Bots.jpg


Not sure about you… but it seems pretty clear based on the image above that the Clinton Campaign is deploying some form of an algorithmic “bot” network on Twitter as a campaign strategy

If you analyze each individual post in the image, you’ll see each “person” wrote the same exact thing, all at the same exact time. Not only that, but the format of the users’ Twitter Names and Twitter Handles are identical (each user has a 2-part name with a handle that only says their names). This is basically the 21st-century / Silicon Valley version of political guerilla warfare…. Hiring a bunch of tech engineers, diving into the trenches, and getting dirty.

I may not be a fan of Hillary, but I LOVE THAT SHIT. One of the big reasons Romeny ultimately lost to Obama in 2012 was Obama’s overwhelmingly superior campaign squadron. Every candidate should be utilizing all potential technological opportunities available to them (albeit, used in an ethical manner…. which hilariously will not happen with a Trump/Clinton General Election).

That said, this shouldn’t come as any major surprise to anyone. As we covered in our piece detailing how Hillary has emerged from hiding in the month of June, the Clinton Campaign has upped its Twitter-game hardbody as of late. The Hilldabeast’s Twitter account has gone on multiple over-ten-tweet-posts lambasting Donald Trump and his values. This type of viral campaigning marketing is highly effective and gains a significant amount of impressions. With a large voting base that is young and ADHD as fuck,
“Tweet-Storming” talking points and attacks against an opponent can do as much damage as a traditional television advertisement (which costs thousands, if not millions of dollars).  

If Trump wasn’t such a buffoon, many in the media would likely be highlighting how god damn effective his utilization of Twitter for his campaign has been. 







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