Hillary Out Of Hiding


Ok… this sucker has been cookin’ in ma drafts since June 3rd. Totally unacceptable on my part. Sorry for being such a scrub. That said, all of the realness that I’ve meant to spit for the past 3 weeks is still applicable. Obviously, we’ll feature some newer info/news that’s gone down since I started writing this mo-fugga.


Leading up to the first week of June, Hillary Clinton was a relative no-show in terms of significant media/public appearances. For those unaware, this is a tried and true strategy of Team Clinton, who has faced a massive smorgasbord of controversies, adversity, and scandals over 4+ decades of in politics. When shit heats up, Team Clinton tends to hunker the fuck down, take a hard stance, and minimize public appearances.


Hillary In Hiding


And for what it’s worth, it’s a smart strategy. Hillary isn’t a complete moron, and as a result she can tell when the heat is turning up in the kitchen. When the heat turns up in the kitchen, additional public appearances, public comments, and activities that can be heavily scrutinized by the media create exponentially more chances for a candidate to trip-up, slip-up, and fuck-up. Just look at DonDon himself. Trump can’t get out of his own fucking way. After locking up the title as presumptive nominee at the Republican National Convention, Trump has done anything but convince peers and voters that he is capable or worthy of the nomination. If DonDon had either minimized public appearances, or at least moved with a bit of the shadowy deft that Hillary, he probably wouldn’t be in this totally fucked position right now (though he’s probably just 1.5 months ahead of schedule, to be frank). Ok.. back to The Hilldabeast.

Relative to her level of public appearances, press conferences, and nationally televised debates during all of 2016, Hillary went speed-racing into the public spotlight at Mach 5 speeds heading into the first week of June.




But here’s the thing, has Hillary really amped up her public appearances and willingness to take questions from the media? Or is she simply slightly more active than her usual low-levels of media availability.  Here’s a few examples of how the Clinton Campaign has intentionally minimized her public appearances while simultaneously working as hard as possible to ensure that Hillary doesn’t fuck up.


#1) During the first week of June, multiple media outlets began reporting that Hillary Clinton had not participated in a formal press conference during the ENTIRE YEAR OF 2016. That’s over 180 days that the leading candidate to win the presidency did not hold a press conference. It’s the fucking 21st century, and you’re telling me that the likely 44th POTUS is somehow not being held responsible for not effectively communicating with the media? Few things depict a lack of transparency and an unwillingness to cooperate with investigative journalists than not holding a single press conference.

Hillary hilariously and unsurprisingly tried to justify this by noting that she has sat down for many interviews during 2016. Also unsurprisingly, the Clinton Campaign considers appearances on god damn Jimmy Kimmel and Ellen’s fucking show as a legitimate “media interview”. Yeah, because that is an environment in which investigative journalists can vet and question the decision-making of a politican….


#2) While Hillary claims to have had hundreds of interviews during 2016, she somehow failed to do a sit-down with The Washington Post, one of the three or 4 most respected and important journalistic institutions in the country, for 6 straight months. 

Screen shot 2016-06-26 at 4.21.23 PM.png



#3) Via The Hill, Clinton’s own team is admitting that she is dodging the media in order to minimize scrutiny, which any Presidential candidate should face. 

But one Clinton ally reiterated a common viewpoint among her allies that the media would not treat her fairly if she hold one.

“There’s no benefit. It will only hurt her,” the ally said.


#4) CBS’ Nancy Cordes has confirmed that Hillary actively dismisses media questions, even in non-press conference settings. If Hillary cannot do a press conference, and she cannot answer informal questioning in a one on one setting, then when can she be fully vetted as any Presidential candidate should?

“There were lots of us on the campaign trail who were dying to ask her questions about it, and she avoided all of us” – Cordes


#5) During the rare instances when Hillary committed to taking formal questions from the media, the Q&A’s lasted on average a measly five fucking minutes. With all of the pressing questions and serious issues that the media has for Hillary, 5 minutes is chump change. When you consider the fact that she probably blabbered lies and falsities for 75% of these timespans, you’ll realize how few questions any serious journalist has been able to ask her.


#6) During these intentionally infrequent and very short public appearances, the Clinton Campaign purposely plants easy, scripted, questions for Hillary as a tactic to enhance her likeability or highlight a “strength” of hers. 

Even with these facts out in the open, Clinton staffer Nick Merrill embarassingly felt the need to defend his boss and straight up lie:

“We take pride in Secretary Clinton’s ability to answer tough questions. We do not screen questioners at events, nor do we script interactions.”


#7) Hillary repeatedly turned down Bernie Sanders’ multiple invitations to participate in another nationally televised debate. Clinton has refused to debate Sanders since the debate that took place in New York, a debate in which Hillary repeatedly attempted to avoid as well.

#8) For shits and gigs, here’s another confirmation from the media that Hillary Clinton actively ignores important questions from the media, in an absolutely shameless manner


Screen shot 2016-06-26 at 5.02.07 PM.png



Ok, so if you’ve made it this far, The Hilldabeast’s continued strategy to avoid serious questioning from the media is clear as mother fucking day. So, here’s a question: why would Hillary still be avoiding the media when the media itself has treated her as the presumptive Democratic Nominee for months now. Well, here’s a a few quick ideas…


#1) Bernie Sanders was gaining steam and presenting a true challenge for the Clinton Campaign. As you can see below, with less than a month before the California Primary, some polls had The Brooklyn Brawler as a slight favorite over Hillary. With 475 delegates on the line, Hillary couldn’t afford to give Sanders any form of an advantage (which is why she skipped the proposed debate in California).


Hillary vs Bernie.jpg


When you combine Bernie’s gains in the California polling, and his favorability relative to The Hilldabeast over the past few months, it makes sense that Hillary would be in hiding. 





#2) Not only was Hillary losing her lead over Sanders in California, national polling was starting to show signs of weakness for Hillary in a potential general election against Trump. 


Screen shot 2016-06-26 at 5.00.48 PM.png


Throw in a potential third party run from Libertarian Gary Johnson, and things did not look too hot for Clinton heading into June.





The Investigator General of the US State Department released an 83-page review of Hillary Clinton’s email practices from 2009 to 2013 while she was Secretary of State. The report confirmed a variety of facts that run completely contradictory to Clinton’s historical statements. This includes the fact that Hillary set up a private server not for convenience, but in order to shield information from being accessed. It also includes the fact that Hillary has been actively non-transparent with the Government and FBI, while noting that the private server was not secure at all. 

Only a Clinton could have this report released and the entire country not call for the suspension of her presidential campaign. Then again, I don’t see any pigs fucking flying outside my window at the moment…



With these 3 key developments, the Clinton Campaign finally realized it couldn’t continue to completely hide from the public. Now Hillary’s trying to backtrack and change the fact that she’s habitually dodged scrutiny and questioning:


#1) Hillary took 8-minutes of questioning on June 6th. Three minutes longer than the average length of her Q&As…. WOOHOO! 


#2) Clinton’s sycophantic spokesman, Brian Fallon, attempted to defend Hillary’s media appearances while lying through his fucking teeth (reminiscent of Merrill’s lie shown earlier). Fallon was appropriately chided for this blatant lie of a comment: 


“She’ll literally stand there for 15, 20 minutes and answer questions from her traveling press corps.”


#3) Hillary gave a long (for her standards) foreign policy speech on June 3rd, which was intended to depict not only her strength, but her calm demeanor in contrast to Donald Trump’s. Unsurprisingly, it was impossible to digest as it was full of vague comments and contradictory statements. (Here’s the WaPo’s take)


#4) Hillary agreed to quick interviews with both MSNBC and CNN on June 4th. 



Thankfully, there are still some smart people out there that see through the “attempts” to be open with the media.


#5) Hillary’s Twitter account when on a super aggressive tirade against Donald Trump and his sketchy dealings with Trump University. 


Hillary Twitter.png




That conscious effort to Hillary’s public appearances went fully out the window after winning the California Presidential Primary and affirming her status as the presumptive Democratic nominee. Since then, Hillary’s picked up the official endorsement from Barack Obama and hasn’t looked back. The Hilldabeast has been stuntin’ on Donald Trump on a consistent basis via various media mediums (TV, social media, etc.).



It’ll be interesting to see how Team Clinton balances public appearances that help Hillary’s cause and minimizing her presence in the spotlight in order to avoid any hiccups. That said, with Trump acting like a fucking buffoon, all she has to do is get in front of a camera and rip his comments. Till then…



Hillary Clinton In Trouble.png









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