Troll-Game Proper

With all the shade we’ve thrown at the Dubs and Steph Curry over the past few months, you probably thought we viewed BronBron James as untouchable. Little do you know, Nick From NY and The MD were on the forefront of LeBron hate just as we were for the Warriors hate. While we’re happy the Cavs came away with the W and finally forced the city of Cleveland to shut the fuck up about their sports-misery, we would be remiss to not highlight that LeBron James is indeed the OG Douche. 

Get a load of the attire that LeBron hopped off the charter in when touching down back in Cleveland for the first time since winning the 2016 NBA Finals. While the moment was all about LeBron’s stellar play, a fairytale comeback, and a championship for the city of Cleveland, BronBron made sure to get a final shank into the back of the Warriors as he basked in his glory.


LeBron James Ultimate Warrior



So, LeBron chose to wear a shirt featuring the pro wrestler the Ultimate Warrior. This was a clear “fuck you” to the Warriors. James is basically saying:



While LeBron proudly wore this overt display of douchiness and rubbing it in Golden State’s face, BronBron also sported a hat with a slightly more subtle dig. The hat features a stitching of the famous meme of Kermit The Frog Sipping Tea. Y’all know what the fucking meme means by now. So who was LeBron targeting with the hat, when he already clearly took shots at Mr. Adorable and the Dubs with the shirt? Well, leave it to the OG Douche to make it very clear to everyone: 

LeBron James Instagram.png

So much for all the times that LeBron has said that he never listens to what people in the media are saying about him. So much for his “Zero Dark 23” (which we already shat on here). While I’m pumped BronBron won the ship and re-established his dominance in the heirarchy of the NBA, I can’t imagine how obnoxious and annoying he’s going to be during the 2016-2017 regular season.

And you know it boy.


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