People Have Finally Realized The Warriors Are Douchey

Before we start, note in the picture below how LeBron James, the best player in the National Basketball Association, holds and utilizes his mouthguard. Rather than aggressively chomping on his mouthguard like a teething terrier, LeBron handles his mouthguard in a fashion that doesn’t make him look like a doofus or make viewers on their couch want to break their televisions in frustration. In fact, BronBron goes out of his way to take his mouthguard out of his mouth when conversing with another NBA colleague. What a gentlemen….


Draymond Punch On Lebron



Since launching NFN, we’ve highlighted five different instances in which the Golden State Warriors acted like such utter douchebags, that it amazed us other people were still treating them such a lovable story. Y’all can peep each example of Golden State douchebaggary by clicking right hurrrr.

Much of the public’s opinion of the Dubs changed (or at least shifted) right around the same time that the NBA Finals shifted. As the end of Game 4 of the Finals approached, as the Warriors were minutes away from going up 3-1 in the best-of-7 series, BronBron and Draymond Green got in a bit of a kerfuffle. After colliding and landing on the ground together, LeBron made the distinct and voluntary decision to step-over Draymond as he returned to the play. Given that this is one of the highest forms of disresepct one man can show another man on a basketball court, Draymond Green was not happy.

And of course, when Draymond green is not happy, he likes to strike dudes’ ballsacks like fucking Tyson hitting the speed-bag in the late 1980’s.

The next day, the NBA (rightfully) doled out another retroactive flagrant foul to Draymond Green, which resulted in a Game 5 suspension. Following the game, LeBron’s admonished both Draymond’s dirty play and disrespectful language. The Warriors (unrightfully) felt that Green’s suspension was a result of LeBron’s “complaining” (As if the league warning a player multiple times about dirty plays within a 2-week timespan wasn’t enough).




And that’s what kicked off the series of events that would ultimately notify the general public that the Golden State Warriors just might be a bunch of condescending douchebags.


It started with this from Mo Speights: 


Mo Speights Tweet.png


Hmmm. Ok, harmless enough. But wait…


Then Klay Thompson decided to basically call LeBron a baby for getting “his feelings hurt”.



During that embarrassment of a presser, Thompson also managed to slip in the little fun-fact for everyone that the 2016 Golden State Warriors are better than the Showtime Lakers (ha. ha. ha.)…

Hey Klay, I have a sneaking suspicion that the 4-time NBA MVP is well-aware that “this is a man’s league”.

Hey Klay: Maybe you should “carry with” you some resentment for your opponent, considering you folded and gave up a 3-1 series lead in unprecedented fashion.

Hey Klay: I guess your “feelings got hurt” at the end of Game 7 when you walked off the court without shaking the Cavs’ hands, like a butthurt beotch.


Naturally, LeBron had at least something to say when he was told of Klay’s douchebag comments. Basically, Bron commented on how it’s ironic that the Dubs are hating when he took the high road in response to the quarrel with Draymond. 



You can almost see the satisfaction on LeBron’s face that his opponent decided to give himself some “extra motivation”.

Also, while I agree with LeBron… but PSA to everyone: taking the high road is no longer taking the high road when you feel the need to tell everyone that you are taking the high road.


Then, of course, everyone’s (former?) favorite NBA wife, Ayesha Curry decided to chime in. 


Ayesha Curry Twitter.png


Words of advice to Ayesha and all the ladies out there: don’t be hating on ya mans’ opponent when said opponent can kick the shit out of you literally, and via pure basketball domination. Mr. Adorable probably didn’t enjoy getting absolutely fucking stuffed around the rim by an extra demonstrative LeBron.

Lastly, the way Steve Kerr and Steph Curry defended Draymond Green was off-putting as hell. You don’t rush to the defense of the indefensible. And punching dudes in the dick is indefensible. 


Funny thing… it wasn’t even the first time Draymond The Dirty sacktapped LeBron in the series! Peep Green’s finest displays of testicular torment below:


Draymond Green Is Dirty.jpg





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