Bill Simmons Is An Old Man Yelling At Clouds 

It looks like Billy Boy Simmons’ hiatus from the media spotlight took a little speed off his “hot-take fastball”…..

Background 1: Brad Stevens and Danny Ainge agreed to long-term contract extensions that’ll keep the Celtics’ current head coach and general manager in Boston for the near future. Considering Brad Stevens’ exceptional display of coaching ability over the past 3 years, and Ainge’s status as a top 5-10 GM, this was good news for Celtics fans. Here’s a tweet from the C’s confirming the news:

Background 2: A picture of Michael Jordan crying during his Hall of Fame induction ceremony has been universally overused for gifs and memes by internet trolls over the past year or two. We’ve highlighted the absurd lengths that people have gone to create “Crying Jordan” memes in the past with one of our Twitterati Sightings. Regardless, it’s well known by anyone and everyone that the “Crying Jordan” face is used to stunt on someone that might be feeling particularly butthurt and/or salty.


For those unaware, Bill Simmons is a huge, douchey, Celts fan who gets a huge kiddie boner any time he thinks about the smell of Larry Bird’s jock strap. Given the news surrounding Stevens and Ainge, Simmons (rightfully) was excited and wanted to express his happiness.

Unfortunately for Simmons, this is how he chose to express his happiness (while referencing the Celtics tweet we showed above):



I guess we finally know who was the last person on earth to understand what “Crying Jordan” is and how it’s used: Bill Simmons.

Considering it’s already such a played-out joke, and that you’d have to be a moron to understand how the “Crying Jordan” meme is used, this isn’t the best news for Simmons’ stock. Considering his two new ventures, The Ringer (which we discussed here), and Any Given Wednesday (which we will discuss later today) are supposed to be in line with present day pop culture and changing dynamics of the media landscape, this is bad news for Simmons’ stock.

Basically, Simmons came off as an “old man yelling at a cloud” with that tweet. 



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