Before The Thrones

What Does The “Battle Of The Bastards” Mean for Jon Snow’s Legacy?

So long as you don’t live under a rock, you know that this Sunday is one of those rare occurrences where television truly dominates the attention spans of the American population. So, in honor of the NBA Finals and the penultimate episode of Game Of Thrones Season 6 airing on the same night, this special edition of “Before The Thrones” will focus on Jon Snow’s legacy ahead of the most critical moment of his life. Just like Lebron James, Jon Snow’s legacy will be solidified or sullied on Sunday night…

Similar to Lebron, Jon Snow is an all-time character who has had moments of greatness, but has also been dragged down by his supporting cast. He’s has plenty of legendary individual accomplishments, but many of them have been overshadowed by his team’s inability to rise to his level. At Hardhomme, Jon defeated a White Walker for the very first time, but simultaneously his people were devastated and added to the army of the dead. In the season 5 finale, Jon managed to cross the wildlings through the wall, but he was literally undone by own teammates at the end resulting in his death.

This time, however, Jon has no excuses. He has quite literally handpicked his supporting cast full of wildlings, a giant, 62 good men from House Mormont, an Onion Knight and 160 year old sorceress. Is it the strongest of supporting casts? For sure not. But this is the bed that Jon has made for himself. Just like Lebron, Jon was the general manager making all the moves, so now he just has to perform.

He faces an uphill battle, however. The Bolton Army is well tested. The bannermen behind him are powerful (Karstark and Umber). Ramsay is a raving psychopath with a thirst for blood to quench daily. Although Jon has faced the ultimate enemies beyond the wall, he’s never had a test like this. But, in the game of thrones, this monents are what define you. The victors define history. Jon will need to beat seemingly insurmountable odds.


Essentially it’s put up or shut up time for Jon. It’s clear that he’s one of the most powerful individuals in all the Realm, but if he somehow manages to die twice, he can’t be considered the GOAT. For all intents and purposes, he even told Lady Melissendre to not bring him back if he dies again in the preview. This battle is everything for Jon and his legacy: Retaking Winterfell for the Starks, Reestablishing Stark power in the North, saving Rickon from sure death, revenge for Sansa, making moves as “the one who is chosen.” There’s lofty expectations, and no excuses left…

Jon needs to get it done, because this is his NBA Finals stage. Time to bring home the fucking hardware. The show ponies are coming to town.



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