Comments From Comey and The FBI

As Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, James Comey his the highest ranking investigative official in America. Known for his consistent attention to detail and supreme ethical standards, Comey has climbed the ranks within the US Government at a relatively fast pace. Comey is viewed as such an upstanding/straight-shooting governmental official that, as a Republican, JC was nominated by Democratic POTUS Barack Obama. With that brief preface regarding Comey’s career and Obama’s nomination off the FBI Director, let’s dive into the subject matter.


With Donald Trump’s constant buffoonery regarding a nation-wide ban on muslims being blasted through media outlets non-fucking-stop, I started thinking a bit more about the Syrian refugee crisis more than I have in months. With all the freak-show circus shit going down in the 2016 election cycle, and one hell of a sports year, it’s been easy to forget about some critical issues that were steaming national topics of debate just a mere month ago.

America has historically been a land of open-arms that welcomed immigrants from every nook and freaking cranny in the world. With the terrible tragedies going down in the Middle East, such as Christian genocide, it would only make sense that America opened its arms once again to the fleeing refugees of the Middle east. Unfortunately, times are changing (at warp speed). The public’s view of national security is approaching all-time lows with the omnipresence of world-wide terrorist organizations and technological hacking groups. Methods of present-day terrorists have evolved at alarming rates, and it is clear as fucking day to anyone paying attention that America’s intelligence agencies cannot keep up.




Which brings us to 3 critical comments that James Comey has made over the past 6 months that every American should be aware of, before they start screaming on their Facebook pages about social injustices.


#1) The FBI cannot properly and adequately vet all Syrian refugees at this time if America plans to allow thousands into the United States at a time (CBS, DC). 


#2) The FBI has acquired reliable intelligence that terrorist organizations such as ISIS have already systematically infiltrated the refugee programs of multiple countries by posing as refugees themselves. (Homeland SecurityAEI).


Cherry on top: The Director of the CIA, John Brennen, has now confirmed the CIA has intelligence of ISIS posing as refugees in an attempt to settle west. 


#3) The FBI has confirmed that ISIS is currently present in all 50 states of the US. On top of that, others believe a Brussels/Paris-style attack in America is a possibility in the near-term future



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