“Cubicle Thoughts”: David Wright Has Royally Fucked The Mets

Earlier today it was reported that David Wright, the longtime third baseman for the New York Mets, would undergo potentially season ending surgery on his neck. Quite obviously this injury stems from the spinal stenosis he was diagnosed with last year, a condition that’s been bending the Mets over ever since…

In 2013 Wright signed a 8 year, $138,000,000 extension to remain with the Mets at the age of 30. From 2014-2018, Wright ears 20 fucking million per year. To handout a contract of that magnitude to a player over 30 is always a risky proposition. But what’s happened to Wright and the Mets since then has been nothing short of the worst case scenario… The Mets will being paying a 33 year old third baseman with spinal stenosis coming off major neck surgery 20 million per year for the next three years!!! Right now, the loyalty exhibited by Wright and the Mets respectively during these contract negotiations was their ultimate undoing.

To put things in perspective of just how much of a cluster fuck this situation has become for Sandy Alderson and Co. keep in mind that the team’s payroll for 2016 is $134,166,057 (FWIW this includes deferred salaries for Bobby fucking Bonilla, Brett fucking Saberhagen and Carlos Beltran somehow, according to spotrac.com). So, Wright’s contract accounts for 15% of the team’s payroll for this season, and for the foreseeable future…

This is problematic and shitty situation for three reasons; 1) D.Wright will clearly never be the all star caliber player he was in the past and may never play over 100 games again. 2) D.Wright will never go out like this, so to think that he will just get up and retire after this type of setback is wishful thinking. And the flip side of that problem is that the Mets will never be able to shed that salary because there is so much left. 3)  It’s one thing if the Yankees are carrying this type of dead salary, it’s a completely different story for the Metropolitans.

It took a series of colossal events to come together for the Mets to even extend a feeler on Yoenis Cespedes this off season… So when 15% of the the team’s payroll is locked up in dead salary how much money do you expect the Wilpons to be throwing around moving forward? My guess is not that much and they will continue to be bargain hunters, an incredibly hit or miss proposition. So you can quit the dream trade scenarios for players like Joey Votto, Carlos Gonzalez and Ryan Braun. And the trades that do make sense from a money stand point (Jonathan Lucroy, Jay Bruce) leave the organization stuck between a rock and a hard place because they have been so stingy with dealing top caliber prospects.

Make no mistake about it, the Mets need impact bats. A bandaid like Kelly Johnson isn’t going to fix their offensive woes. To compete a truly World Series level, the Mets need to requisite lineup to go along with it. That doesn’t mean a murder’s row, but simply a deep lineup filled with professional hitters. But, at least one major bat in the middle of the lineup to protect Yo’ would make a world of difference.

Something’s gotta give… Everyone knows the Mets have a historically elite pitching staff and pieces to move. The old cliche is “pitching wins championships,” but if you can’t hit the broad side of a fucking barn you’re not winning jack shit. If the Mets want to capitalize on their window of success and fix the quirky roster they’ve built then it’s time to put their money where their mouth is with either oodles of cash or prospects… Or pray that David Wright retires this fall. Based on past trends, the likelihood of any of things happening is slim…




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