Proof That Major Media Companies Aren’t Complete Assholes? 

If you’ve read No Filter Network at all since we launched a few months back, you’ve probably noticed that we don’t hold the current MSM and its practices in the highest regard. Whether it’s pandering to viewers via super cheesy pop-culture references, or straight up providing straight up biased and falsified information, there are plenty of things to criticize the modern-day media about. But every once in a while, even the douchiness people or institutions manage to get out of their own way and do something actually noteworthy and not self-indulgent. Which brings us to Craig Sager. 

Craig Sager is an NBA sideline reporter for TNT who’s undergone a public and courageous battle with terminal cancer over the past couple year. After beating cancer once, Sager was able to return to the sidelines last year and bring smiles to the faces of bball heads everywhere with his whacky/flashy suits and overwhelming charm. Anyone paying close attention is most likely aware that Sager has isn’t doing too hot as of late, as the legendary reporter has already defied significant odds by living this long and being able to work while undergoing intensive chemotherapy treatment. Which means Sager unfortunately may not have too much time left with us in this life. 

In an act of respect and celebration for Sager, Turner Sports has teamed up with ABC to allow Craig Sager to join ESPN’s NBA team during the Finals this Thuraday. Somehow, Sager never managed to work an NBA Finals game over his legendary career. I think it’s safe to say that this is an extremely generous and heartfelt “cherry on top” to Sager’s wonderful life. 

Here’s my favorite Craig Sager moment:

Hats off to all of those involved


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