Is Barneys New York Trying To Scare Away Potential Customers?

Background: Barneys New York is a famous / longstanding luxury-retail (did I make that hyphonated phrase up? I don’t know…) establishment that’s resided in NYC since 1923. Barneys’ flagship location existed in Chelsea for years before the company decided to relocate its main hub to 60th and Madison Avenue in 1993.

Flash-Forward: At it’s mid-town east location on Madison, Barneys is known to have elaborate and extravagant “displays” that any passerby can see when walking by the store. Rather than display a variety of clothing that the store has to offer (as most retail establishments utilize display windows), Barneys usually advertises some weird-ass Magical Realismo piece of “art” in it’s public displays.

Most of these “displays” are elaborate as fuck and most likely cost more than the entire GDP of a 3rd world country. Very nice use of capital, considering this these bullshit displays, which don’t feature any legitimate product (which is a staple of “window-shopping” on 5th and Madison Avenue) just to show-off for 2.5 months.

The most recent Barneys display features some of the weirdest fucking shit I’ve ever seen. Ok, enough with my words…. get a load of this shit: 






I’m not only scared, but also confused… What the fuck is this shit? These mannequins straight up look like the psychotic bad-guys from fucking “Mad Max: Fury Road”.  


Barneys Mad Max.png


I mean, it’s one thing to to with the whole artsy-fartsy-malarkey display that doesn’t feature any of your product, but this shit is scary as fuck fam. I can’t even handle it. When I look at these mannequins for an extended period of time, I start hearing feeling like the freaking swine in “Apocalypto” that’s getting chased down by the tatted up tribal dudes:


Apocalypto Tatoos.jpg


Word to the wise: This shit is scary as fuck. Do not scare the shit out of your potential customers: 




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