Professional Sports Is Coming To Sin City

Not only can you legally gamble your life away before you hit up some hookers at a Vegas night club, you can also watch some live professional sports before embarking on prostitution escapades.

That’s right, leave it to the fucking NHL to bring pro sports to Sin City. Gary Bettman is more than likely the Devil reincarnated, and it looks like he’s sold his soul yet again to expand the NHL to Las Vegas.


But could it be for the greater good this time? As a good Samaritan, I can’t imgaine a single way a sports franchise in Las Vegas is a good idea. But the degenerate in me imagines all the possibilities for the cross between legal gambling and sports fandom. I’m talking everything centered around the ultimate sports entertainment experience. A roster made up for strictly enforcers ready to bash skulls at any moment. High tech bars around the stadium. Burlesque shows during intermissions. Casinos in the actual arena. State of the art oxygen tanks so that your spirits and gambling drive is always flying high. A sexually explicit team name like the Las Vegas Strippers… And why stop there? The good state of Nevada might as well make drugs legal in the stadium too.

The works… The sky is the fucking limit for Gary “Dr. Evil” Bettman.




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